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SPOLISETTI 7 posts Joined 06/09
16 Jul 2013
Running cnsremote on PDN remotely from viewpoint server

Does anyone know how to run cnsremote from viewpoint server?
We want to autmoate scandisk/packdisk. This can be done using crontab on PDN but we did not configure email mechanism on the Teradata nodes. So, we would like to invoke these utilities from viewpoint where we have already setup email alerts for various other jobs.

stever 149 posts Joined 08/09
16 Jul 2013

This is not supported today.  You should not be running other programs on the Viewpoint node.  Plus, running the cnsremote utility from the Viewpoint node won't have any impact on the alerts that you can generate.  Any session-level alerts you might generate for a Teradata database session will fire regardless of where the session originiated from.

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