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abhirup 1 post Joined 07/15
02 Sep 2015
Roles of DBA in viewpoint v14.10.00.03

What are the important points DBA needs to follow while monitoring teradata viewpoint v14.10.00.03?
Thanks in advance

ROHAN.MEHROTRA 1 post Joined 04/15
04 Sep 2015

A DBA needs to keep any eve on many important portlets for monitoring the system, changing the settings/parameters etc... Few of the very important portlets are
Query Monitor- To monitor all queries running across system, resources utilized, state,who  is running, state  of SQL
Health Monitor- To monitor health of system and resrouces utilization at system level.
Node Resoucres- To monitor all resources like AMP, PE, Nodes and there states.
Metrics Analysis- To monitor system resouces in the real time with graphical view.
There are few other whose requirement depends on time. You can read the Viewpoint Admin User Guide.

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
17 Sep 2015

My first comment would be if you are still running Viewpoint 14.11, you need to upgrade. You are missing two Viewpoint major releases (15.00 and 15.10) as well as a bundle of patches. Note that the Teradata DB support policy for Viewpoint versions is current + four back. So for instance, Viewpoint 15.10 will support Teradata Database 15.10, 15.00, 14.10, 14.00, and 13.10 so you have no issues with your current Teradata DB version.
If you are just getting started as a DBA with Viewpoint, there is a lot to consider. I would start with the System Health portlet. You can customize the thresholds and system status in the Admin menus. Secondly would be the Query Monitor portlet and the ability to monitor activities on your system. A key element here will be the "Rewind" function which allows viewing status of times in the past. For instance, an issue last night that I want to analyze. I would then explore the Metric Heatmap portlet which shows metric diplays over time durations. Lastly, look into setting up alerts through the Admin menus of Alert Setup and Alerts within a monitored system. This allows you to be notified of issues (for instance via email) triggering you to then login into Viewpoint for further analysis. 
There are plenty of Viewpoint release articles to read through to understand all the other aspects as what I discussed here is only the starting points.

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