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13 Aug 2016
Restoring a Viewpoint database failed due to td_portal database

Hi all,
I have tried the following scenario:
1. I have created a file for the /data/backup directory in Viewpoint Application Server. This folder consists of the td_portal, td_portlets, cam and dcsdb. 
2. I have moved this file to another Viewpoint Server where I would like to restore the data. I created a directory /data/restore. 
3. I have edited the /opt/teradata/viewpoint/dcs/conf/ file and changed the field for backupdir to point to location = /data/restore
4. I tried to run the restore command /opt/teradata/viewpoint/bin/restore.h (default all databases(
5. But I get the issue where 
    Restoring td_portal using /data/restore/td_portal/td_portal-2016-08-11.backup
    Dropped database td_portal failed.
    The restoration terminated due to a failure
6. Please assist if I am making any mistake in the restore process.

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