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WOJO 1 post Joined 07/11
27 Feb 2012
REQ CPU column....

I've noticed that the REQ CPU column doesnt reset or start over, if you say run another query right after another ?

If you wait a bit it clears and starts over.... 

Is this designed to be this way....   its mis-leading my customers...  is there an option or something I overlooked...

stever 149 posts Joined 08/09
27 Feb 2012

The REQ CPU column in Viewpoint comes directly from the RequestAmpCPU field in the MONITOR SESSION API from the PM/API.  This field is defined as "The total CPU usage by the current SQL request on the session on all AMPs.".  Therefore, it should update any time there is a new request being executed on the session.

Note that session metrics returned from this API are only updated at the session sampling rate configured on your Teradata system.

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