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mv5492 2 posts Joined 09/09
30 Jan 2013
Remote management of VP users and accessrights

I need the ability to create and manage VP users from a remote UAM application. I do not want to to setup and manage an LDAP directory for our user population so I want a solution where I can manage the native VP security. I have pdk version 14. It looks like   there are methods (class IdentityManagerImpl) to support the idea. What I am missing is an example of establishing a remote connection to VP. Are there samples available I can look at? Has anybody already done what I'm trying to do? 
I also see several tables in the postgres database that lead me to believe security might be managed at this level; that  VP is simply using this space to authenticate users and verify their access. If I'm correct, is it possible to manage security directly at this point using sql?

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
04 Feb 2013

Sorry but there isn't any way to manage Viewpoint users bypassing the two supported user management methodologies being LDAP and direct user management within the Viewpoint Admin. 

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