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crewdy 8 posts Joined 03/10
02 Jul 2012
Query Throughput and comparison to Viewpoint

I am trying to analyse the load on our box for comparison with pre and post upgrade but the query volumes I am extracting are no where near the volumes being reported in Viewpoint by an order of magnitude. The volumes are too low.

View point is reporting c.1M queries I am extracting from DBQL  c100k.

I am using DBC.DBQL_ALL and DBQLogTbl

Current environment is TD 13.10.





alvie 32 posts Joined 03/12
02 Jul 2012

DBC.DBQL_ALL is not a teradata provided view. It is a customer created view on most sites to get the join of dbqlogtbl, dbqlsqltbl and dbqlobjtbl. Having said that, it should return much greater number of rows than the actual number of queries as each object is logged separately in dbqlobjtbl i.e. multiple rows for a single query. In your case, it seems other way around though.

I would probably rewind the viewpoint to the top of any hour and then get the query count form dbqlogtbl for the last hour before that. Don't use DBC.DBQL_ALL.


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