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16 Dec 2015
Query Monitor portlet refresh rate

We have a system running Viewpoint 15.00 and Teradata 15.00 with SLES 11.
Prior to upgrading to SLES 11, so the Teradata and Viewpoint were both 15.00, we had configured the Query Monitor portlet to refresh every 10 seconds (The Sessions data collector sample rate was set to 10 seconds and the Monitor rate for Sessions sampling was also 10 seconds)
Once the OS was upgraded to SLES 11, the refresh for the Query Monitor portlet changed to 1 minute.
I have checked the Viewpoint configuration/installation and user manuals, however can't see why this has changed.
Can anybody please advise how we can change the Query Monitor refresh rate back to 10 seconds ?

Steven Schmid Teradata DBA Canberra, Australia
StevenSchmid 33 posts Joined 07/11
03 Jan 2016

Just a clarification, we discovered after the production upgrade, that the query monitor refresh rate changed from 10 seconds to 1 minute after the database was upgraded to 15.00 and still under SLES 10, the SLES 11 upgrade did not cause the issue, it was the database upgrade from 13.10 through to 15.00. The Viewpoint version remained unchanged at 15.00

Steven Schmid
Teradata DBA
Canberra, Australia

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