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gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
19 Nov 2010
Query Groups concept - Requesting feedback


Today in Viewpoint, one has two options for viewing of session/query information. The MyQueries portlet allows a user to see their queries even for varying Teradata logins across different Teradata systems. There is also the Query Monitor portlet that allows one to see all the queries on a system with various sorting and filtering options.

We have had interest from some customers for something in between which we term "Query Groups". This would allow grouping of users where one could then view all the queries of those grouped users. This could be used for instance by a group that wants to share information amongst themselves. For example, all the Finance users can see all the Finance user queries. Or this could be used by a manager that wants to view all the queries run on Teradata by her or his team.

We see this as a possible feature addition to the MyQueries portlet. No promises but the more feedback we receive here will certainly influence us one way or another.

So what are your thoughts on this concept? Is this something you do today? Is this something you feel would be valuable to do? If not, we want to know that also. It seems natural to group by Teradata system usernames or account strings.

Let us know please.

Gary Ryback and the Teradata Viewpoint Team

Phil 8 posts Joined 09/09
19 Nov 2010

I like this option and it would be very helpful for our site since we have some support groups that support specific groups of users and have no need to view all the other user sessions on the server. I can see where it could be beneficial to use these groups on Dev and Test systems to allow specific projects the ability to see a group of ids that are associated with their project.

Being able to setup groups by username and account strings would be great. I think one other option that might be nice is a set of TASM workloads. There might be sites that have specific groups classifying to a set of workload groups and it might be simpler to add the workload names into the group than a list of the names or account strings.


VelvetElvis 4 posts Joined 09/10
20 Nov 2010

I think this an intriguing idea. As Phil noted above, it would interleave very nicely as a means of validating the queries in a given workload as TASM oversight.

Options to define groups by username, account string would be great, how about by query band as well?

It's early and I'm still working on my first cup of Saturday morning coffee, but this idea sounds fantastic even through the morning fog...

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
21 Nov 2010

The TASM workloads is an intriguing idea. Also we have already discussed querybands as a natural extension although we are a bit concerned about long lists and filtering out the user information from a queryband. Thoughts on utilizing Viewpoint roles? We're thinking no as permissions and groupings will often be very different.

Douglas 31 posts Joined 06/10
22 Nov 2010

My company has already requested me to make a Portlet that does all of these things. If you could integrate that functionality into the existing Portlets I know they would appreciate that. We have allot of different teams here and a bunch of queries so it is beneficial to eliminate as many irrelevant queries from the list as possible. Also my team has suggested changing the UI for the Portlets to that they are more user friendly.

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
23 Nov 2010

Douglas, glad to hear this would be beneficial for your company as well. Does the plan of grouping by Teradata system usernames or account strings match the expectations of the suggested custom portlet design? Any additional feedback on implementation?

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