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gdvaldesh 7 posts Joined 04/14
27 Aug 2014
Portlets Space Usage detail view don't match

This portlet show a current perm in a summary, like 214M, but when click for view detail view, the size is diferrent in the current perm, like 222M, i dont find any configuration for this, also i think should be show the same information because is the same portlet. In the peak perm show 214M when the current or the last perm in the graph is bigger, show 222M, how this is possible?.
I tested Viewpoint 13, 14 with same results.
Pls Help :P

gdvaldesh 7 posts Joined 04/14
28 Aug 2014

I hope you understand my problem. 


The table the portlet SPACE USAGE where are listed all the databases, shown for example 214M in current perm, but when click on this and show the graphic detail view shown as current perm 222M and not 214M as shown in listing. It should not display the same information?


Thanks in advance



krishaneesh 140 posts Joined 04/13
29 Aug 2014

In the preferences section you will see an option "Define KB,MB, GB as multiples of 1000 instead of 1024". Check this option and you will not see the difference. 222M is defined at the DB level in multiples of 1000 and 222M is shown in multiples of 1024.

gdvaldesh 7 posts Joined 04/14
01 Sep 2014

Hi thx for reply, is true, but sometimes the time for refresh te data is diferent in the detail view, when in the list show 20GB the detail view show 80GB. Theoretically should be the same refrsefh time or not?.

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