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knjtm0 10 posts Joined 02/11
01 Mar 2016
portlet resize / collapse in v15.10

We moved from version 14.10 to v 15.10 recently.  Big changes.  I can not find the portlet collapse function.  The "resize" at the bottom doesn't work the same even though it is the same icon.  In v14.10 the collapse rolled the portlet up to a single line on the page.  This made busy pages easier to deal with.  Is there anything that does this in v15.10?  Also, the resize seems to limited to making the portlet larger and has a minimum of about 1/2 page vertically.  Is this correct?

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
07 Mar 2016

As part of the new architecture introduced with Viewpoint 15.00, the collapse function is no longer offered.  

knjtm0 10 posts Joined 02/11
10 Mar 2016

Wow.  That was an important function.   At least is was to me and my group.  It was much easier to build pages with multiple portlets when we could rollup the portlet into just the header.  I realize I can add portlets and scroll down to see them.  But, without the collapse functionality, I seem to be limited to about four portlets on a page that I can see without scrolling.  IMO, this functionality should be restored.  It seems odd that an upgrade would lose a basic function.

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
11 Mar 2016

Some of the thinking was for users to leverage additional dashboards versus adding more and more portlets to a single dashboard. So instead of scrolling down and un-collpasing, one would simply switch to another dashboard (tab). This strategy also performs better. Have you considered that strategy? 

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