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gdvaldesh 7 posts Joined 04/14
15 Sep 2014
Portlet Lock Viewer no show data

I have in dbscontrol the flag locklogger = TRUE, locklogger delay filter = TRUE, locklogger delay filter time = 60, i restarted tpa for apply changes, i started dumplocklog and the portlet Lock VIewer dont show any data but the portlet Query Monitor show the current blocks.
thx in advanced

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
17 Sep 2014

For future consideration, you may want to submit issues like this to Teradata Support Services as analysis of an issue is more easily resolved following that process versus posting the condition in a DevX forum posting. So if these additional ideas don't resolve your issue, go the Service incident route. The Viewpoint Configuration Guide mentions the following for Lock Viewer:
The Teradata Viewpoint user account must have sufficient spool space to allow Teradata Viewpoint to issue monitoring queries. Also, permanent (perm) space is required by the Lock Info collector that is used by the Lock Viewer portlet.

This may also be a Viewpoint roles permissions issue, so validate permissions in Roles Manager.



gdvaldesh 7 posts Joined 04/14
18 Sep 2014

ok thx for reply, ill check

LUCAS 56 posts Joined 06/09
10 Oct 2014

maybe you could point (and add) the following rights (Database side) :
grant execute procedure on locklogshredder to "viewpoint";
grant create table on "viewpoint" to locklogshredder;
just a suggestion,

stever 149 posts Joined 08/09
10 Oct 2014

The Grant Tool in the Monitored Systems portlet (or the Teradata Systems portlet in Viewpoint 14.10 and earlier) is the tool Viewpoint provides to either display or execute all the grants needed for data collection to work properly.  These 2 statements are already included in that tool.
Thanks, Steve

Dany3R9 18 posts Joined 03/14
24 Nov 2015

Guys, since i got the same issue i want to share that for the Lock Info collector to run against Teradata Database 14.10 and later, DBQL query logging must be enabled with the WITH LOCK option.
So you can activate the log via TD Administrator (query logging..) flagging the Lock and indicating the  lock threshold to be considered.
Have a nice day!

jjudge 3 posts Joined 07/09
24 Nov 2015

what error were you getting before you found this workaround (and where/how did you find this workaround)?

Dany3R9 18 posts Joined 03/14
12 Jan 2016

before activating the lock collection functionality the Lock Viewer portlet in Viewpoint did not display anything.
For activate the lock tracking you have to set the logging functionality in this way: via TD Administrator, under Tools -> Query Logging you have to set the Lock >= x centisecond for obtaining the evidence only for the locks above that threshold.
Have a nice day

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