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macktd 23 posts Joined 09/12
24 Feb 2013
Penalty Box

I'm Novice to Viewpoint,
When we need Penalty box in work load?
Regards,- mahesh

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
05 Mar 2013

A "Penalty Box" is more of a workload management strategy than Viewpoint (although you configure workload management with Viewpoint portlets). The idea of a penalty box workload is to move queries, that are running longer than expected, to a lower priority workload allowing them to finish but get less resources in doing so. For instance, I have a tactical workload and the expectation would be that queries categorized here should finish quickly, one may add a TASM exception to say if they exceed a run time threshold, move them down to a lower priority. CPU milestones on the Teradata Appliance platforms behave this way as well.

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