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29 Jul 2014
PDCR Vs Viewpoint

Hi everyone,
Currently I am using Viewpoint V14.10 for monitoring and also feel everything fine. We find bad queries, diagnose system health and much more.  Amonst all most helpful thing is when system go slow we find culprit queries using query monitor , metrics analysis and also seek help from workload manager, query spotlight time to time . It takes time but still helpful sometimes not, yes m new to teradata and my question objective is for this only.
I just heard about PDCR so I want to know whether it will be more helpful than viewpoint. More helpful means will it take less time, will be more easier to find bad queries and finding queries , parameters responsible for high delays will be more easier? Is Viewpoint capable to do all tasks what PDCR does?As its paid is it value for money? or should I continue with viewpoint only.(No m not discouraging to have PDCR just want to know)
 i feel my question suits this forum but in case not, moderators m ur culprit :)

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29 Jul 2014

looks like there is primarily a misunderstanding.
DBC generally has one day of data of the activities that are performed on the database. All the data of that day will be flushed into the database PDCRDATA and is accessed through the PDCRINFO views.
PDCRDATA is a database which stores the history of records that were accumulated as per the retention policy applied(generally 3 to 6 months). VIEWPOINT will be having the rewind feature to access the historical performance data.

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29 Jul 2014

PDCR (Performance Data Collection and Reporting) is and continues to be a Teradata Professional Services (PS) offering. It creates has its own populated data collection tables within Teradata supporting a series of performance and capacity planning reporting (some displayed within PS developed Viewpoint portlets and others as Excel pivot tables).
So one should consider PDCR as an extension and complimentary to what the Viewpoint product portlets provides. Neither should be considered a replacement for the other although there are some similarities, for instance with the Query Spotlight portlet. PDCR continues to be a valuable offering, in particular for deeper performance understanding and capacity planning excercises. PDCR is used by a significant number of Teradata customers. 

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29 Jul 2014

Thanks for response. Yes I havent used PDCR
What should I do for system slowness issue. I also read ur article for viewpoint in different points of view where you told for DBA system throttle settings.
I had already set it but sometimes delays goes so high. What should a DBA do for this. I consider Impact CPU, CPU use ,  Req CPU parametrs for responsible queries. How will you handle it? What other parameters or solution I should go for?
This is one instance when system slowness issue comes

358   339             26         0       308       0       3        19      2

All    Not idle      Active    Block delay  abort  resp    idle    parse


which is abnormal. 


And thats why I was asking whether PDCR can help in this and make investigation easy or viewpoint is enough to handle it? 

And If viewpoint is good enough to investigate reasons for this slowness issue, Would you plz throw some light how it can be resolved.


Thanks in advance

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06 Mar 2015

@gryback So it means that TD install the PDCR database and tool, but the customer can ask for a PS service to understand the data?
Thanks in advanced,

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09 Mar 2015

Regarding the slowness post, sorry I missed that, thus the delayed response. There are a myriad of conditions that may cause sluggishness on a system where the system type, available resources, workload management settings, etc. come into play. PDCR provides additional reporting that could potentially help. I think you need to have this discussion with your Teradata Account team for more insights than can be provided generically here. 
For Patricia's post, Teradata DB Engineering owns the PDCR structure/tables as of Teradata DB 14.00. However you still need to get the population and clean-up scripts from PS as well as the PDCR portlets for reporting. 

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