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cpolikowsky 2 posts Joined 06/09
08 May 2013
Password Age Alerting via Viewpoint Portlet

I don't see anything in viewpoint V14.00.00.05-b49 by default.  Has anybody created their own portlet to do something like that.  I would like to have a mechanism that emails an alert at X days to user, disables account after Y days and sends an alerting saying account is disabled.  Currently we are doing this through a ksh script and bteq.  Any ideas?

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
09 May 2013

The Viewpoint best practices and majority of customer installs leverage the LDAP integration feature for not only managing the Viewpoint users but for password management and security aspects. Leveraging LDAP also allows for auto-provisioning of Viewpoint user accounts and the ability to automatically assign the user to a Viewpoint role based on an LDAP attribute. As the password security practices of customers differ, leveraging LDAP also provides that necessary flexibility. 

cpolikowsky 2 posts Joined 06/09
14 May 2013

Hi Gary -  I am not referring to the aging of a "viewpoint user" but rather monitoring the actual database users.  A majority of our users are LDAP enabled within the teradata database but we have batch type accounts that we use TD2 authentication for.  We currently have a sql that we run that sends an email to the group that utilizes the ID to notify them the password is about to expire.  Also, for LDAP users, we have a scenario that the user may update the Active directory password but still not login to the Teradata database.  We have a policy that if an database account is not logged into for 60 days it is disabled and at 90 days dropped from the system.
Not sure if there is anything in viewpoint now or in the future to leverage that?  Possibly develop my own porlet??

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
17 May 2013

Nothing currently planned with Viewpoint in this area of Teradata login/password management. Why wouldn't this be a feature request on the database than? 

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