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17 Mar 2011
Need a confirmation box with localized 'Yes/No' buttons


My customer is asking me for a localized 'confirmation box' with german 'Yes/No' buttons
to be used in the portlet I developed.

The standard javascript 'confirm' box does not offer 'Yes/No' buttons.

Since the viewpoint framework does not offer such a (documented) widget,
I was wondering what workarounds other developers are using.

Can anybody recommend any 'confirmation box ' jQuery Plugins?

Any hints are welcome.


Marcus1 16 posts Joined 06/10
28 Jun 2011

Anybody any ideas?

What confirmation boxes are you using?

Marcus1 16 posts Joined 06/10
01 Jul 2011


I've finally found a way to get an easy to use modal and localized javascript Yes/No-confirmation popup box.
It's basically just 1 line of code and it doesn't need any extra work like any of the jQuery plugins do.
It uses the 'VB-Script' confirm dialog and therefore it only works only for IE!

function confirmLoc(yourQuestion)
execScript('n = msgbox("' + yourQuestion + '", "4", "Your Title")', "vbscript");

return (n == 6); // returns true or false


winstongel 1 post Joined 04/15
10 Apr 2015

Check this one...Javascript Confirm Box

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