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19 Jul 2016
Moving Data from One Viewpoint Server to a new Viewpoint Server

Hi Techos,
We have three VP 15.00 servers in the DEV environment. Assume S1, S2, and S3. S1 is currently used as a standalone VP server and is collecting the data. I have set up S2(primary) and S3(standby) to be a cluster environment. Eventually we would like to cluster our VP servers in DEV environment. The next task is to move all the VP data on S1 to S2(primary). After all the data is moved to S2, we would like to use S1 as a standalone test server. My main question is regarding move all Viewpoint data from S1 to S2. I could do it manually but its a labrorious process. I read an article where I can take the latest backup of the data on S1 server. Then restore all the data on the S2 server and S2 will then host all the data from S1. But when I talk about the VP data on S1, there is different types of data available in VP backup folder. They are
- cam(Alerts database)
- dcsdb(dcs database)
- td_portal
- td_portlets
Now my question is :
Where is the roles, users information stored in Viewpoint. Which of the above database contains the users/roles information. In one of the forums I read that "lportaldb" contains the user information. But I do not see "lportaldb" on the S1 backup folders. 
Please see the link to the forum I mentioned above user-data-from-one-viewpoint-server-to-another
NOTE : We are using VP 15.00. Is the user/roles information stored on a different db in VP 15.00. I checked the VP config manuals(15.00) and lportaldb is not visible anywhere on the config guide. But I see the lportal db on the VP config manual (v14.0 and before). 
Please help me as once I do the default type of restore, I am not sure if the user data is visible on Server S2.

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19 Jul 2016

If you want to move everything: move everything in the /backup folder to the new server in the /backup folder there and restore the data/configuration. The restore process is described in chapter 6 of the upgrade guide of Viewpoint (Teradata Viewpoint Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide for Customers Release 15.11 B035-2207-105K). Funnily enough the restore process is not listed in the Viewpoint User Guide.
I assume that it is the same for VP 15.00.

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