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mykovalenko 4 posts Joined 11/09
20 Jun 2012
Local workload exceptions

Hello everyone,

I'm running ViewPoint V14.00.00.05 and it seems that Local Exception button does not work for me neither from Exceptions nor from the workload window. I have tried it with Chrome, IE and Firefox. Had anyone had a chance to run into the same issue? Any solutions (besides going back to tdwm)?



stever 149 posts Joined 08/09
20 Jun 2012

I would suggest opening up an incident with Teradata support so that you can get the proper assistance on this issue.  I was not able to reproduce this issue at Teradata.  The "Create Local Exception" button should open up a modal window that allows you to create the exception.

mykovalenko 4 posts Joined 11/09
02 Jul 2012

OK, thanks.

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