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k_jalev 4 posts Joined 08/15
20 Jul 2016
Limit a role to only one Teradata system of several active

We have several systems managed through single installation of Viewpoint, version is V14.10.00.08-b61
We are trying to create a User role and to give it full administrative access to only one of these Teradata systems
To do so, we first allow Portlet “Teradata systems” for that role, than we go to “Roles Manager - > General -> Enable Systems for this Role and check only the system needed
What really happens is that the users in this Role get access to all the active systems through Teradata Systems portlet. What we noticed is that only the activation of the portlet is enough to get access, even if we specify no system for that role. In this case(portlet activated, but no system selected) at login a message is displayed, indicating there are no systems for the user. But then the user can open the Teradata Systems portlet and even to make changes
Question is: how to limit a Role to only one system? Is the behaviour of our Viewpoint erroneous?

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
22 Jul 2016

The "Enable Systems" checkbox controls the list of systems for which you will be able to configure individual portlet permissions for the role.
The Admin portlets currently do not have fine-grained permissions; Admin access applies to the Viewpoint instance.

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