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29 May 2013
Informatica Self Learning

Informatica Joiner Transformation : Transformation
Informatica Normalizer Transformation : Transformation-pdf
Informatica Lookup Transformation : Tranformation
Informatica Aggregate Transformation : Aggregator-Transformation
Informatica Rank Transformation : Transformation
Informatica Router Transformation : Router-Transformation
Informatica Expression Transformation : Expressions
Informatica Load from Flat File : From-Flat-File
Informatica Filter Transformation : Filter-Transformation-1
Informatica Sequence Transformation : Transformation
Informatica Sorter Transformation : Transformation
Informatica Store procedure Transformation : Transformation-Lab-Guide-Store-Procedure-Based- transformation
Informatica Loading First N Records : to-Series-Loading-First-N-Records
Loading Top N Records : Records
Working With Mapplets : for-Working-with-Mapplets
Informatica "How To Series": and-Duplicate-Records-in-Separate-Tables
Transpose ROws to COlumn : Column
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