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super25 19 posts Joined 07/11
27 Sep 2011
Info on Viewpoint Database

I think viewpoint miantains its own database in Postgre, is there a way i can find details about that database and query it? Also i would like to know the capacity limit of the database

stever 149 posts Joined 08/09
29 Sep 2011

You are correct that Viewpoint has its own Postgres database.  The capacity of the database is determined by the 4 non-OS disk drives in your Viewpoint appliance.  These drives are 300 GB in the 2950 model and 450 GB in the R710 model.  In order to get some protection against a failed drive, a RAID 5 configuration is used for these 4 drives.  This means you will get about 824 GB of space in the 2950, and 1.3 TB of space in the R710.  If you use local backups these also take up space on the same disks, so your total capacity for the database will drop by the size of the backup (somewhere between 5 and 10 percent).

This database can only be accessed via the Java APIs that are provided as a part of the Portlet Development Kit (PDK).  Direct access to run queries against this database is not supported.

irfan098 10 posts Joined 07/11
18 Oct 2011

Hi ,

  A few questions at ur service, i hope you ll answer query monitor portlet ,i have observed sessions with no sql. what does it mean? also in another case the sql tab was showing no query but the spool was 20gb.. what could be the reason.. ?

Last question is what it means by not idle in query mointor?

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
18 Oct 2011

Viewpoint only collects the SQL and Explain information for queries that run longer than 5 CPU seconds and are either in an active, blocked, or delayed state.

The "Not Idle" option in Viewpoint's Query Monitor portlet allows easy viewing of all queries in any state other than "idle". This was a common request from customers that have lots of idle sessions that interfere with viewing of sessions in other states. So this is just an easy button for filtering.

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