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Sidhharth 5 posts Joined 10/11
07 Jan 2013
How to give only abort query rights to developers through portlet Query Monitor in Viewpoint 14.00?

My client wants me to grant developers, through "Query Monitor" portlet in viewpoint, the right to abort queries which blocks other queries or ETL loading.

Below are the steps I did through Viewpoint 14.00:

1) Created user (same as Teradata database user) (Admin ---> User Manager ---> Add User)

2) Shared "Query Monitor" portlet with role "User" (Roles Manager ---> Role "User" ---> Portlets ---> Selected "ENABLE FOR ROLE" checkbox for "Query Monitor" portlet)

3) Granted "Abort Query" permission to portlet "Query Monitor" (Roles Manager ---> Role "User" ---> Permissions tab ---> Selected portlet "Query Monitor" ---> Selected "Abort Query" checkbox)

4) Command: Grant abortsession to <user_name> WITH GRANT OPTION;

Even though I have performed above steps developers are not able abort queries.Has anyone implemented similar kind of requirement? Please suggest.


Rajat Bose

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
07 Jan 2013

So how far are you getting before it doesn't work? Do you get the about option to appear in Query Monitor for the Viewpoint user? If so, then is it failing on when you need to enter the Teradata user login and password to confirm Teradata credentials? 

Sidhharth 5 posts Joined 10/11
07 Jan 2013

Hi Gary,
Yes the "abort" option appears in Query Monitor for viewpoint users but when they use their Teradata user login and password to to abort the session it throws message : The UserID, Pasword or Account is invalid
Also I would like to inform that
1.) currently we have implemented Teradata Database AD authentication via LDAP hence we do not store password in database.
2) Using dbc or dbcmanager we are able to abort the session via viewpoint.

stever 149 posts Joined 08/09
08 Jan 2013

This is the standard Teradata error message when it cannot authenticate you based on the provided credentials.  Therefore, my guess is the wrong authentication method is being used.
Are you selecting the "LDAP" authentication method in the Query Monitor portlet when performing the abort?  You will need to do this unless LDAP is the default mechanism for authentication on this particular Teradata system.  If you don't see this option you will need to enable it in the Admin -> Teradata Systems portlet on the General screen for this Teradata system.
Since dbc is working, and this user is going to be authenticated via TD2 authentication (and not LDAP), I'm guessing that TD2 is likely configured as the default on this system.

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