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03 Sep 2014
How to determine users logged onto the Viewpoint server

Can anybody please advise the best way to determine users currently logged onto viewpoint (not the database), as I would like to check before stopping and starting viewpoint services.  Under the Admin->User Manager portlet I can see the logon history and sort to show the recent logons, however this doesn't show the current status of who is logged on.  If logged onto the Viewpoint Linux server, I can run
 more /opt/teradata/viewpoint/logs/action.log | grep "RESULT: SUCCESS" | grep 04/Sep/2014
To show successful logons for 4th September 2014, however the action.log only shows the logons and not if they are still logged on.  There also doesn't appear to be an entry for a logout/logoff.  Also if we have a cluster, then all servers in the cluster need to be checked.

Steven Schmid Teradata DBA Canberra, Australia
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