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06 Oct 2011
Heatmap issues

Hi all,

Not sure if this is the right place for me to ask questions about issues with Heatmap. My customer is using Vp 13.11.05,, and he said,,

  1. No CPU data is being collected from our Production system into viewpoint. (any portlet that allows CPU data)
  2. The Heatmap portlet is showing in black and white. How to change the color for the Heatmap.

Being a newbie to Vp, I do need some guidance here. I've researched, and found that it may be caused by permission to view Table metrics. No data appears until user selects a metric using the selection menus. Found it in,,

Teradata Viewpoint
User Guide
Release 13.11
December 2010
- About the Capacity Heatmap Menus and Toolbar (pg 108)

Could someone please advise on these issues?

/TD Support


gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
11 Oct 2011

As I replied to your article comment with the same questions ...

Create a GSC incident for the lack of CPU data.

The Capacity Heatmap has a thresholds bar for metrics where it makes sense. Its the button right next to the display button where the threshold can be adjusted which will then introduce coloring of the outliers.


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