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dnarva 7 posts Joined 03/10
17 Jul 2012
Getting started with Viewpoint Email Alerts

Am looking for a basic example of how to configure and test email alerts in Viewpoint.  Have never used Viewpoint alerts of any kind before, though we did use some Teradata Manager alerts.

I see the Alert Setup portlet in Viewpoint, but I've not had success generating a test email yet, nor do I understand what the "reply to" email address means, i.e., who is sending the reply and to whom?  Basically having difficulty with the semantics!

So, if there's any good info or prior posts on "getting started" with examples, I would love to see it; there is no helpful info in the Alerts UG or the help screens.


alvie 32 posts Joined 03/12
18 Jul 2012

Have a look at Viewpoint Alerts Configuration and User Guide



gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
31 Jul 2012

Looking at the Viewpoint Alerts collateral is the right answer. As a summary, there are three parts to alerting in Viewpoint. The "Admin -> Alert Setup" provides the foundational setup for the alerting infrastructure. For instance, this is where you would identify the IP address of the desired SMTP server that would support email actions. You would also setup specific email alert actions like an "Email DBA" that sends email to a specific person. 

You then setup the actual alerts in the "Admin -> Teradata Systems -> Alerts". For instance, the DBA needs to be notified by email anytime sessions are idle too. So you create an actual alert for a specific Teradata system, then associate the specific email alert action you created in Alert Setup to this alert.

The third aspect is the "Alert Viewer" portlet which displays alerts that have triggered in both a summary and detailed view.

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