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daileyl1 1 post Joined 01/11
10 Jan 2011
False alerts

Has anyone had any issues with false alerts. We are currently on 13.10 and have an alert setup for systemhealth = or worse than down and received and alert yet the database was up.

stever 149 posts Joined 08/09
10 Jan 2011

If you look at the System Health portlet and rewind to the time when the alert was sent, does the portlet show the system as down? My guess is that it probably does.

Viewpoint considers a Teradata system as down when the System Heartbeat canary query fails to complete in the time configured for that query. Maybe the system was extremely busy, you temporarily revoked the login of the user that runs that query, or a filter or throttle in TASM prevented the query from running. You can change the timeout, login, and even the SQL for the System Heartbeat query in the Teradata Systems admin portlet.

lsubrt 1 post Joined 04/06
14 Dec 2011

Yes, we had the same problem system heartbeat was disabled and one node was on 100% cpu utilization. I like to know the tresholds which cause the alert system health is down

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
14 Dec 2011

I'd suggest a great DevX article on understanding the system health equation:

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