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19 Jun 2016
Data Labs Upgrade Question

Hi Teradata Gurus
I am currently working on a project where I have installed Data Labs 15:00 (tddatalabsportlet v15.00.00.04-1). I installed Data Labs on the Viewpoint (version
I will create Lab groups and data labs using the Data Labs v15.00 and Viewpoint (v15.00). 
Assume in the next 3 months we will be upgrading Viewpoint to Version 15.10 or 15.11. In this case we will need to upgrade Data Labs 10 version 15.10.
Data Labs v15.10 is compatible with Viewpoint 15.10 and Viewpoint 15.11. 
When we upgrade from Data Labs 15.00 to Data Labs 15.10, how are all the data labs objects and components upgraded to the new version. Are these settings stored somewhere in the Data Dictionary during the upgrade ?
I'm aware that all database objects related to Data Labs will be stored in the Data Dictionary(Am I right?)
What will happen to the front end settings of Data Labs portlet in Viewpoint. For example all the data labs portlet information like lab group names,data lab names, list of requests, space that I allocated to lab groups and data labs, roles, users,  stored in Viewpoint 15.00. How are these settings migrated to the new Viewpoint (15.10 or 15.11). 
My concern is that all the hard work that we have put in creating lab groups and data labs for Data Labs V15.00 will be lost when we upgrade to Data Labs v15.10. 
When I install the new Data Labs V15.10 portlet on Viewpoint 15.10, are all the settings migrated and I don't lose the Data Labs configurations I designed on Data Labs 15.00. 
-- Please let me know if my question is not clear. I need the answer for this. 
Your assistance is appreciated. 

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27 Jun 2016

At a high level, Data Lab has two parts to the infrastructure, the first being the Teradata DB objects and secondly the Data Lab infrastructure related to the Data Lab Viewpoint portlet. When upgrading Data Lab, there isn't anything one must do with the Teradata DB side as long as Data Lab supports the Teradata DB version. The Viewpoint aspects of Data Lab are stored in the Viewpoint repository so are absolutely maintained as part of the Viewpoint and Data Lab upgrade. So no worries. 

AVOT 15 posts Joined 03/16
27 Jun 2016

Thanks Gary for the response. Appreciate your help. 

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