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m.tahoon 43 posts Joined 09/11
29 May 2012
Customize Mail Alert

Is there's a way to customize the Mail alerts Generared by VP  14:



For Example SESSION alert [Blocked time] generates the following mail:

Event Timestamp: 2012-05-28T21:30:25.560+02:00  Host Id=1 Session Number=9,035,638 User Account=$B1$BAT1&S&D&H Part Name=DBC/SQL User Name=U_NRT CPU Skew=0.0 Delta CPU=0.0 AMP CPU Seconds=618.556 AMP IO=2,024,386.0 Request AMP CPU=0.0 Request AMP IO=0.0 Hot AMP CPU=0.0 Time Logged On=3,662 Blocked Time=ked Time=3,609 Idle Time=0 Sessions For User=82 Utility Session=false Blocking Session Number 1=0 Blocking User Name 1= Blocking Session Number 2= Blocking User Name 2= Blocking Session Number 3= Blocking User Name 3=  Description: ((Blocked Time > 3,600)) 




It's Lenghthy and contains many unuseful fields, which blocks us from relying on it as an immediate alert by SMS, since we forward VP mail alerts to configured gatweway.




stever 149 posts Joined 08/09
29 May 2012

If you use the "Message" field when creating the alert in the Teradata Systems portlet, that message will be displayed at the very top of the email.  The message can also contain dynamic values from the alert.  The property names are documented in the Online Help and User Guide.

For example, if you use the following message: 

User ${userName} blocked for ${blockedTime} seconds.

you will see something like the following at the top of your email:

User STEVER blocked for 250 seconds.

This is the extent of customization that is allowed for alert messages at this time.  Hopefully this helps.  If not, let us know what additional customization you would ideally want to be allowed in the product.

moorekeri14 1 post Joined 06/12
18 Jun 2012

You can be able to customize your alerts through creating an alertTemplate.xml file that is residing in 12 hives. You could even attch your event handler's into that.

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