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m.tahoon 43 posts Joined 09/11
30 Oct 2012
control mapping of teradata accounts in Profile tab


This is Rergarding Profile/Teradata accounts sub-tab (VP 14.0) where a Vewpoint user can map database accounts to their viewpoint user which affect queries displayed in 'My Queries' portlet.


Is there a way a Viewpoint administrator can force/limit which viewpoint users mappped to which database accounts?


gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
30 Oct 2012

The only Viewpoint administrator control over Profile would be through Roles Manager. Assuming you want them to have access to the MyQueries portlet, you can restrict which Teradata systems will appear in their profile drop down menu but restricting access to that Teradata system in Roles Manager. The other obvious protection is the user does need to have an actual DB login and password to set up the Profile successfully.

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