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gloesch 2 posts Joined 02/10
18 Mar 2010

Hello Viewpoint Developers,

I have a question regarding the compatibility between Viewpoint and the Teradata Database.

Is Viewpoint 13.02. compatible with TD12?

My problem is the following: The customer wants to update to TD13 later in the year and then he will have Viewpoint also. At the moment we are developing a portlet for them with the PDK 13.02. (that doesn't use any TD13 specific functionality). Is it possible to get Viewpoint 13.02. running with their actual TD12? They don't want to use any of the official Viewpoint portlets for System management / administration.

Thanks in advance for your help - all the best,

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
22 Mar 2010


With the release of TASM portlets with Viewpoint 13.02, we now need to address compatibility for the different "applications" (portlet bundles) being hosted in Teradata Viewpoint. Note that the compatibility statements below apply to both Viewpoint 13.02 and 13.03 releases.

Teradata Viewpoint Foundation software, Teradata Self Service Portlets, and Teradata Management Portlets support back to V2R6.0.2 and newer.

TASM Portlets support back to V2R6.2 and newer.

So you should be just fine with Viewpoint and the scenario you describe above.


gloesch 2 posts Joined 02/10
30 Mar 2010

Thanks Gary!

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