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knjtm0 10 posts Joined 02/11
26 Sep 2011
Clearing ALL alerts on filtered application

In Log View, I filter by application and click the "clear all alerts" button.  My understanding is that this should clear ONLY those alerts shown (those for the filter by application).  Has anyone seen the behaviour where this alert clears all alerts for ALL applications / processes?

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
27 Sep 2011

Looks like you are asking about a TMSM (Teradata Multi System Management) portlet. Checking with that team for a response, will get back to you shortly.

knjtm0 10 posts Joined 02/11
27 Sep 2011

Is there a TMSM forum that I should have submitted the question ranther than here?

ldraper 1 post Joined 12/09
29 Sep 2011

You are correct, when alerts are filtered and you click "clear all alerts" only the filtered ones should be removed.    I think you need to submit an incident with other information (release of MSM, sequence of steps, screenshots) so that we can research.

knjtm0 10 posts Joined 02/11
06 Oct 2011

Okay.  I will open an incident.

But, one question remains.  What is the proper forum for asking TMSM questions?  Apparently, this is not the correct forum according to qryback.


Randall Barbour

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