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18 Apr 2016
Cannot view the list of databases to select when you create a lab group

- Hi Techos
Your assistance is appreciated
1. In a SLES 11 TD 15 VM Player I performed the following
 - Created a SysAdmin user from dbc to perform all dba activities.
 - Created two databases , Database A and Database B 
 - dbc and sysadmin users have the sufficient access rights to the Database A and Database B.
2. In the viewpoint, I successfully connected to Datalabs using dbc/dbc. My next step is to create a lab group. 
    In the add a lab group screen, I cannot select the list of parent databases.
Could anyone please assist.
As mentioned in the data labs manual, the user logged into datalabs and creating lab groups should have the following access rights to the teradata database.

Teradata Database user ID that you use when you log into the portlet must have the

following Teradata Database privileges to create a lab group:

• Create User

• Drop User

• Create Table

• Drop Table

• Create Role with Grant

• Drop Role with Grant


I did check this is in the database and 'dbc' and 'sysadmin' have all the necessary access rights on the database A and database B. 


Please assist. 



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