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01 Jan 2015
Can we trigger DCL when datalab is created?

Hello forum,
Happy New Year.
Can we trigger a DCL statement on database whenever a data lab is created using Teradata Viewpoint?
for eg: - When a user or a user in a specific role creates a Datalab database X, then I need to provide the following Grant on trarget db like 'grant select on database X to Y'
I have reviewed User guide with no luck. This feature does not seems to be available in Datalab release 14.10 and 15.0
Please let me know if there is a provision to do so or if you guys can incorporate this feature in next release.

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
03 Jan 2015

There is no automated way to perform additional SQL access statements at the time a data lab is created. For these types of operations, you should be leveraging the request / approval options within Data Lab requests to ensure valid operations of the Data Lab product. So granting select to a user would be a Data Lab request to add a "read only" user. Depending on the setup, this may or may not require a Lab Group Owner approval. You also have the option to add user access at the Lab Group level which then applies to any data labs within that lab group. Access can be made "read only" here as well. You really shouldn't be bypassing the Data Lab infrastructure.

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