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DarcyVoorhees 3 posts Joined 12/13
17 Dec 2013
Can Viewpoint be started and run in TDExpress14.10_Sles11?

I've got Teradata 14.10 up and running on my Mac laptop.  I've got Teradata Studio Express running and now I want to start using Viewpoint.  There seems to be some hint in some of the posts that I've seen that you can easily startup Viewpoint on Teradata Express, but nothing that I've tried from any of the posts seems to work, which makes me wonder - is Viewpoint even availabe in the TDExpress14.10.00.02_Sles11_40GB.7z and if it is, how does one start it, since there doesn't seem to be any obvious place to start it up.

DarcyVoorhees 3 posts Joined 12/13
18 Dec 2013

Never mind.  I found a post that says Viewpoint doesn't come in my version:

Dorothyhs 1 post Joined 02/14
12 Feb 2014

Newbie to Teradata
I am trying to start Viewpoint by following the user guide.  However, when I enter:  “firefox &”
The website returns: 
Server not found
Firefox can't find the server at

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Adeel Chaudhry 773 posts Joined 04/08
15 Feb 2014

That is fine, as internet may not be available on VM. You can start Viewpoint from other browser as well.

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aaneelu 5 posts Joined 02/13
16 Apr 2014

http://localhost/c should start ViewPoint

cr255014 23 posts Joined 01/14
21 Apr 2014

Yes. First you need to check if your viewpoint services are running or not
Eg: /etc/init/d/viewpoint status
If you get the status as running, then you can open firefox browser and type "http://localhost/c" - It might take some time for the viewpoint page to be displayed (Depending on your system configuration and VM configuration)
If you see viewpoint services are stopped then you can start the services by running the following command
/etc/init.d/viewpoint start
then open the web browser and follow the above instructions.

DaveWellman 66 posts Joined 01/06
04 May 2014

In addition to running the viewpoint service you also need to have the dcs service running, otherwise you won't see any data in your vp portlets.

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Jeanne-Anne 5 posts Joined 09/05
07 May 2014

There is nothing that looks like viewpoint or dcs in my /etc/init.d for the same Teradata Express 14.10 others are looking at in this thread.

cr255014 23 posts Joined 01/14
21 May 2014

This is because you should have downloaded Teradata Express SLES 11 for VMware (40GB) which does not come with Viewpoint.
For SLES 11 with viewpoint, download Teradata Express SLES 10 with Viewpoint for VMware (1TB)

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