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denchap63 2 posts Joined 07/10
08 Jul 2010
Bulk Load for Viewpoint users

Is there any way to bulk load users into Viewpoint? We have a large number of users to add and it would be great if we could bulk load them somehow.

stever 149 posts Joined 08/09
08 Jul 2010

No, there is not currently a way to bulk load users into Viewpoint. Are you not planning on integrating with LDAP? If you use LDAP, then a Viewpoint user will be automatically created the first time a user logs in, and you won't need to bulk load the users. You can also control what roles this user will be assigned based on their group membership in LDAP.

denchap63 2 posts Joined 07/10
12 Jul 2010

Thanks. We will be looking into integrating it with LDAP then.

stolentino 1 post Joined 10/10
02 Mar 2011

Steve, If we have for example 20k users in Active directory and auto provisioning is enabled, all 20k users can potentially have their accounts created and able login to viewpoint. If only 500 of them are the bonafide viewpoint users, the current auto provisioning feature will allow and potentially create accounts for those that may not need to use viewpoint. I understand that you can control access thru role mapping but you dont really want to create accounts for users that dont need to be in viewpoint.

This is something that I would be requesting for future releases for viewpoint is that auto provisioning should also have an optional control (based on AD group membership or memberOf) so the users that are trully need viewpoint access are the only ones that can be auto provisioned.


stever 149 posts Joined 08/09
02 Mar 2011

As you noted, if you leave the "User" role alone and don't add any permissions to it, then the users will be able to log into Viewpoint but won't have access to any functionality. However, I see how this isn't viewed as the ideal solution. Another option is to limit the search base or list of DNs to those that contain the bonafide Viewpoint users. However, I assume this isn't possible given the way most organizations structure their directories, but I thought I'd throw out the idea just in case it might work.

Are you setting up role mapping then so that the user's AD group membership drives what Viewpoint roles users are added to? Because one easy way for us to implement this requirement would be to say that users would only be auto-provisioned if they map into at least one role. We could make this an option on the LDAP configuration screen. Would that meet your needs?

BGreen 2 posts Joined 10/09
18 Jul 2011

It would be nice to have the bulk add - I have approx 100 users to create and the current process of adding new user and adding user to role is tedious and time consuming when the shop is not extensive and you are the only one doing the work. No we are not using AD yet - sometime in the near future. I could offer same PMON feature with sql that in one shot could add functionality for all users in my list. Hardly a like for like solution no?

stever 149 posts Joined 08/09
19 Jul 2011

You would have to deploy PMON to the desktops of all those 100 users, so I don't think it's fair to compare the user provisioning for Viewpoint to PMON. The recommendation would certainly be to use LDAP if you need to maintain that many Viewpoint users. However, I will create an enhancement request for doing a bulk load of users into Viewpoint.

AbeK 24 posts Joined 08/09
28 Nov 2011

I'd suggest LDAP is the way to go. We were in this situation with limited resources to manage the system and taking on the user maintenance was just too much. Password reset requests everyday!! Once we got onto LDAP its become more of a selfserve and more informed users with better questions to be answered!!

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
29 Nov 2011

And as of Viewpoint 13.12, the first time users can now have a default dashboard configured, ready, and waiting for their first login.

ddmaddo 4 posts Joined 07/09
02 May 2012

With Viewpoint 14.00, there still no method/API to bulk load users into Viewpoint?

Is there a method/API to allow an external home-grown application to create and manage Viewpoint usernames and Viewpoint Roles.

It could be that setting up role mapping so that the user's AD group membership drives what Viewpoint roles users are assigned.  How is that implemented?


Danny Maddox

stever 149 posts Joined 08/09
03 May 2012

The APIs that allow you to create users and assign them to roles are documented in the Viewpoint PDK. would be the class to use.

However, if you are trying to set up role mappings based on Active Directory, Viewpoint already supports that out of the box!  In the LDAP Servers admin portlet, down at the bottom of the right hand column, you can create mappings to Viewpoint roles from AD.  You can map by user attribute (i.e. memberOf) or by LDAP groups if you happen to take that approach for managing users in AD.

cloghin 17 posts Joined 04/12
13 Sep 2012

Trying to do the same user loading programmatically. How would one use ( if its possible) to add a user to viewpoint outside of the portal? We are trying to automate the teradata+viewpoint user creation. 

cloghin 17 posts Joined 04/12
13 Sep 2012

We would like to use this API to load users from external scripts. Is this API usable from outside the portal JVM ? If so, what is the basic sequence of events on an external java program to create an user and assign a role?

The objective here is to automate user creation in viewpoint.

We are not using LDAP unfortunately.


stever 149 posts Joined 08/09
14 Sep 2012

Unfortunately you really can't use this particular API from outside the portal JVM.  The security system in Viewpoint integrates with our portal technology to handle user provisioning.  If you add a user using this API from outside the portal JVM, the user will not be added correctly and you won't be able to log in with that user.
Maybe you can provision the users into an LDAP repository, such as OpenLDAP, and then point Viewpoint to that repository.  That might be your easiest solution.

andydoorey 35 posts Joined 05/09
28 Sep 2012

On a similar subject, is it possible to migrate users, portlet layouts, permissions, alerts, etc. from one viewpoint server to another?
This will be a time consuming task, and is also prone to error.
If it isn't possible at the moment then can you look at this as a future enhancement?  Maybe you could have an option to export/import details to teradata tables.

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
29 Sep 2012

In short, yes. Migrating your Viewpoint information including users, customizations, etc is documented in the Viewpoint Configuration Guide.

13 Aug 2013

Has there been any change on this subject since the last post? I've been asked to create 1500 Viewpoint users.


stever 149 posts Joined 08/09
13 Aug 2013

No, there haven't been any changes.  You should definitely use LDAP to manage 1500 users.  Even if you don't have a corporate LDAP server you can link to, just stand up an instance of OpenLDAP and point Viewpoint to that.

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