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vishaman 16 posts Joined 05/13
29 Jan 2015
Autostats Alert Setup

We recently upgraded to viewpoint 14.10 and have set up a stats job on viewpoint stats manager however i also wanted to configure an alert to notify the sucess/failure of the stats job preferably through an email notification .
Can anyone please let me know if its possible to set email alerts for stats job in viewpoint ? if yes ,how to set that up ?
Vishnu gupta 

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
02 Feb 2015

Alerts on Auto-Stats job status are on the roadmap so not available just yet. 

vishaman 16 posts Joined 05/13
06 Feb 2015

Thank Gary 

HarshaKudumula 83 posts Joined 04/09
20 Apr 2015

Thanks Gary, In which version, Teradata planning to setup up this alert feature for AutoStats?

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