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Kyowar 1 post Joined 11/15
18 Nov 2015
Another way to monitoring when viewpoint is very slow

Hi guys,
The Viewpoint of my inviroment is very slow and I want find another way to monitoring when this kind of problem occurs.
How can I create something like the portlet of "Query monitor" of viewpoint throught DBQL tables or anything else ?
Is there possible ? 

Att, Cayo Oliveira DBA
gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
24 Nov 2015

Is your Teradata system currently saturated from a CPU standpoint? Viewpoint has a high priority access but is still vulnerable to a overly saturated system. If not, then could this be potentially something to do with Workload Management settings? The majority of Viewpoint collections leverage the PM-API. This is an open API and your account team should be able to provide information about it. However this API will give you raw data that needs to be parsed and organized for value. Viewpoint does that for you so would suggest submitting an incident to determine why Viewpoint is not performing adequately. 

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