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04 Nov 2015
Alternative to Viewpoint?

We have many users and many data labs existing on our system. When submitting a data lab request, most users allocate themselves way too much space. Now our group is hitting the space limit.I would like to do is to loop through all available data labs in that group, and decrease the allocated space of each data lab to a minimum (e.g. actual size + 15%). In viewpoint, this would take me ages to point and click through all the data labs. Is there any other way? Possibly by accessing using the terminal and creating scripts or running specific commands?

michaelm 3 posts Joined 11/14
11 Nov 2015

I'm surprised that I seem we seem to be the only ones with this question. So there is only Viewpoint to administer data labs? Not very "batch" friendly...

ulrich 816 posts Joined 09/09
11 Nov 2015

Hi, I am not sure how this affect the Viewpoint portlet, but the data labs are normal databases. 
A good way to move space is:




you could generate these statements via

select 'CREATE DATABASE SPACEMOVE FROM '!!trim(databasename) !! ' AS PERM = ' !! maxperm - currentperm * 1.15 ' !! 

GIVE SPACEMOVE TO ownerOfTheDataLabsDB;    

from dbc.allspaceV
where tablename = 'ALL'
and databasename like '%YourDataLabNameContrain%'
and maxperm > currentperm * 1.15
order by 1;

This would move the space from the datalab DBs to the datalab DB owner.
Where I am not sure is if this impacts the Viewpoint portlab.E.g. I don't know if the change on DBC level will be reflected in the portlab afterwards. I would hope not.
I would test this - hopefully on a test system - via 
1. create a new data lab
2. move the space for that new data lab.
3. check if the change is reflected in the viewpoint portlet.
4. drop the new data lab
Hope that helps...

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gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
12 Nov 2015

Regarding Data Lab and the space management. My first question / recommendation would be to control the lab requests through the Lab Group Owner and the Lab Group settings for what is automatically approved versus what requires a formal approval. When users allocate themselves way too much space, that request should be rejected from the start versus approving it and then having to go back and reduce lab sizes some time thereafter.
Also are you leveraging the expiration and deletion aspects for Data Lab? This can automatically help in cleaning up older labs which then frees up space. 
We do not currently have APIs for bulk operations. As Data Lab is supposed to be self service / self management, what about simply sending out an email asking the Data Lab owners to reduce their own labs down to a certain size? In other words, leverage the user community for the clean up.

michaelm 3 posts Joined 11/14
07 Jan 2016

Thanks for the replies and happy new year btw!
We have our TD server in production only since roughly a year and only now we are having issues that the many data labs take up way to much space that is not really being used. We have asked our users to use a smaller default size from now on and I did go thorugh the exisiting ones and decreased the size by hand for now.
I would appreciate to be able to trigger data labs management using bteq (?) commands or SQL queries though. Not only decreasing or increasing data lab size, but also requesting data labs, exporting tables from within data labs and also removing data labs or moving them to another area. If you could point me to some further documentation or examples it would be helpful. Btw, I am no DBA or DB expert. All the DBAs are still busy defining basic processes and with ETL but as we need some solutions asap for our group of analysts to be able to work efficiently it would be great if I could come up with interim solutions.

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