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sixpakvb 2 posts Joined 05/09
06 May 2011
Alerts are not emailing

We recently upgraded to the latest verison of Viewpoint 13.11 and have gone through to set up alerts. I have set up an email alert action and have successfully tested it from viewpoint. However, any alerts that use email are not sending alerts. Also, placing values in the dbcmngr.alertrequest table does not send an email either. The row is selected and deleted but no email comes across. Since I am getting an email via the test mechanism, I am assuming we have everything set up correctly. I have even set up an alert that should be sending an alert email every 30 minutes but have not received an email yet from it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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lloftin 3 posts Joined 02/11
06 May 2011

Admin > Alert Setup > Delivery Settings > Email is where you define the SMTP Server. If the test mail from Teradata Alerting works there, you have configured the SMTP host correctly. Were those settings applied and saved?

Alert Setup > Alert Presets > Action Sets is where you define the Alert Action to be used for an alert.
Is the Email address correct? If you use a Viewpoint user instead - does that user have the email address configured correctly? Is the Action Set enabled for all Times?

Admin > Teradata Systems > Alerts - this is where you define what triggers an alert.
Is the alert enabled? What alert type specifically is not happening every 30 minutes? What are the metrics of the alert?

Is the alert being logged but not emailed, or you just never see the alert? If the Alert Preset has Include in alert log checked then you can see alerts in the Alert Viewer portlet. (Monitoring > Alert Viewer)

lloftin 3 posts Joined 02/11
09 May 2011

Further investigation showed the following issues:

1) Database space alerts were configured as Do Not Repeat for 30 minutes. This gives the impression that database space alerts will be received every 30 minutes. However, the rate of arriving alerts is controlled by the Database space collector rate - which is set to once per day. Need to improve the help in this area.

2) DBCMNGR.AlertRequest insert statement was using the 'E' code to execute 'Email PDCRAdmin' alert action. Alert code should be '+' to execute a named alert preset.

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