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LUCAS 56 posts Joined 06/09
01 Dec 2014
Alerting criteria for sessions in response status

i try to determine a combination of criteria among those offered in Viewpoint portlet Teradata Sytems / Alerts / Sessions / Alert Rules,
in lack of some 'response time' criterium available.
The goal is to abort sessions in response status for more than - say - 8 hours, whatever the reason (page displayed and User never looking at or loss of connection ...)
Thanks for suggestions,

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
02 Dec 2014

Yes there is a gap there but not for much longer as we are planning on adding a responding status as an alert type with the next release of Viewpoint (15.10) that will allow for an abort alert action. 

LUCAS 56 posts Joined 06/09
05 Dec 2014

good news, thanks,

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