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ldye 3 posts Joined 02/10
23 Mar 2012
Alert questions

We are on Viewpoint 13.12 and I have a couple of questions about Alerts.

1)  Is there a way to export our current alerts to a file?  I don't need a list of possible alerts; I need a file of OUR alerts we have set up. Not sure if there's a way to do this.

2)  In the Viewpoint Help there is a list of "Alert Metrics and Properties."  Many metric names, descriptions and property names are the same although they are available in different dialog boxes (System, Node, Vproc, etc.)  I need to confirm if the metric means the same thing regardless of the dialog box it is used in.  For example, "Node CPU Usage" is a metric available in the System dialog box and in the Node dialog box.  Is there any difference to the metric related to the dialog box it is used in? 


stever 149 posts Joined 08/09
26 Mar 2012

There is not currently a way to export alerts to a file in Viewpoint.  In the 14.01 version of Viewpoint, which is scheduled for release later this year, you will have the ability to copy the alerts from one Teradata system to another on the same Viewpoint server.  Is there another use case you are trying to solve by exporting the alerts to file?

The duplicate metrics across the system, node, and vproc sections are the same metric.  These are duplicated in order to support the "combo alerts" that were part of the Teradata Manager alerting infrastructure.

ldye 3 posts Joined 02/10
26 Mar 2012

Thank you for your reply!

I just need to provide a list of all of our current alerts to management as a metric requirement.

We used to be able get a list via Teradata Manager, so I wondered if the ability had been ported over (although I couldn't find it).

I ended up keying it all in by hand.  The export ability would be a great "new feature" for a future release.

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