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mikesteeves 46 posts Joined 10/11
04 Apr 2012
Alert Notifications

We are new to Viewpoint and have migrated all of the Alert Policies we had setup in Teradata Manager to Viewpoint.  We see that the email message alerts that we receive from Viewpoint are much different than what we received from TM. 

Is there a way to format these notifications?  For instance the Viewpoint alert email includes the entire exclude list of users that are excluded from this particular alert.  It makes the message a bit wordy and we really don't care to see that every time.

Also, the User Blocked by message is a bit different.  When we used to have a load job blocked by a Backup ARCMAIN job, the alert would say something like user DWSF025 blocked by "Internal Session".  This told us it was a backup job doing the blocking.  The Viewpoint alert now sends us an email and says who is blocked but does not show the blocker or the "internal session" comment.  The "Blocking User Name 1= "  field is blank. 

Is there anyway to modify these alert messages from Viewpoint to clean them up and show usthe information we want to see?




stever 149 posts Joined 08/09
04 Apr 2012


There is not a way to customize the emails sent from Viewpoint.  We have an open improvement to move the description portion of the email (which contains the user exclusion list) further down in the email so the more relevant information is at the top of the email.

Viewpoint only gets the IDs for the blocking session information, and has to look up data such as the blocking user, database, and table.  We have an open improvement for accounting for the internal session IDs both in alerts and in the query monitoring portlets.

Thanks for the feedback.


ecamagna76 7 posts Joined 06/11
18 Aug 2012

Hi Mike,

Is there a way the DESCRIPTION in Alert Notification can be removed?

Here is the sample of the alert:


Space reached 90% Usage! - Severity High! Please Check Now!

Event Timestamp: 2012-08-18T16:46:20.970+08:00

Database Name=<DatabaseName>

Space Used Percentage=90.97994

Max Space Used Percentage=91.53914

Description: (Space Used Percentage > 90.0 and (Database Name != <Databasename> and Database Name != <Databasename> and Database Name != <Databasename>))

Space reached 90% Usage! - Severity High! Please Check Now!





alvie 32 posts Joined 03/12
20 Aug 2012

More control over the description portion is indeed a requirement especially as the exclusion list is also a part of this description.

This is particularly important when various tools are employed to receive the SNMP and raise a call out or incident for that alert.

Most tools are able to handle only limited amount of description text and if non-critical information such as exclusion list is long, it could prevent some of the other critical message description, that follows the exclusion list, to be reported by the call out or incident.


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