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kerrg 8 posts Joined 10/10
12 Jan 2012
Agile Data Lab does not have option to grant logon to host for lab group user

We are trying to setup data lab portlet for enterprise analytics but cannot create lab groups because the default host for our site is mainframe and our LAN host needs to be granted manually.  The wizard does not give you an option to select which host the user needs access from and then run the "grant logon on <host> to <usernae>;".  When you click on the create button it fails and roles back all transactions.  Any help on this will help.  We have raise incedent RECE7D7G3 for this as we are stuck and have a bunch of user waiting for this.

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
14 Jan 2012

First off, congratulations on being the first DevX forum post on the new Teradata Data Lab product! Very cool. Unfortunately I don't have a quick answer for you on your issue. The incident submission is good as we want to follow the formal process if this requires changes to the product, however I will also work the request in parallel to see if we can just provide guideance. Will get back shortly.

kerrg 8 posts Joined 10/10
15 Jan 2012

Can you also look at step 3 of the lab group wizard.  We have over 65k users on our system and this step takes over 20 minutes to complete.

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
16 Jan 2012

I discussed with engineering and they are already working your incident accordingly so probably best to work this issue through the formal support process instead of the Developer Exchange forums at this point.

kerrg 8 posts Joined 10/10
17 Jan 2012

No problem.  I was just thinking we could expedite it.  I have a bunch of users and managment on my back.  You may not remember me but we met last year at the SFT meeting in San Diego.

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