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ashikmh 11 posts Joined 02/12
07 Jun 2013
Access to the Update space utility denied in viewpoint remote console.

I have checked the console database to grant execute privilege to viewpoint user and there I dont see any macro for updatespace utility.
But I know, I can access this utility from node through CNStool, but I want to access it through viewpoint remote console.
Please help me to get access on updatespace utility from viewpoint remote console.

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
08 Jun 2013

If there's no macro, simply create it :-)
replace macro console.updatespace as (;);
And then you can grant EXEC on it.


stever 149 posts Joined 08/09
11 Jun 2013

This is documented in the Viewpoint 14.01 Configuration Guide:

Post Installation
Starting with Viewpoint 14.01, the Remote Console portlet allows access to run the updatespace utility. To enable access to this utility from the portlet, access the Teradata Systems portlet and run the Grant tool, or execute the following SQL against the Teradata Database system:

replace macro console.updatespace as(;); grant exec on console.updatespace to <user>; 


AlexGauthier 2 posts Joined 11/13
10 Feb 2014

Ran into same issue after a restore to a new system from a system that was previously teradata managed. Grants aren't always exported depending on arc config. Just an FYI. This fixes it. Thanks!

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