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For topics on Teradata’s Unified Data Architecture and associated enterprise-level features and products. Potential topics could include integrations in and around Teradata, Aster, and Hadoop as well as supporting technologies like Connectors, QueryGrid, Backup/Restore, Multi-Systems, and the Unity product suite (Director, Loader, Data Mover, Ecosystem Manager).

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User interface for a table Topic by Andrey1st 09 Jun 2011

Hi, everybody!

I have a table with business data and I need to provide the opportunity to the end users (which do not know SQL) to add / modify this data via some user interface. Smth like APEX in Oracle or MS Access in SQL Server.

Could you please tell me if there is such an opportunity in Teradata?

Thank you in advance.

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Err0r 5781- cannot collect stats on more than 32 groups of non-indexed columns teradata Topic by Tnewbee 03 Jun 2011

Hi all!

I have never come across this error. I am trying to fine tune a query and the EXplain plan suggests some Collect Stats.
But when I try to do run the third collect stat, it gives me this error. I am using T13.

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Resolving a Skew Topic by Tnewbee 03 Jun 2011


What would be the steps to resolve CPU skew? I know the queries which has a high CPU time as per the DBQL table. How do I calculate CPU skew from this? And how do I resolve a CPU skew?

Thanks in advance!

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Performance Queries... Topic by Max 17 May 2007

Hello...The same query running on test Db go faster (difference is about 20 second )than prod DB.On all the environments, there're the same statistics....and the same data.These are the system characteristics (in Mb):Test:Perm Space: 4296Spool Space: 536870Temp Space: 93693Current Perm: 409AMP: 30Prod:Perm Space: 838Spool Space: 2810519Temp Space: 702629Current Perm: 413AMP: 84Any ideas are welcomeThanks in advanceMassimiliano

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How to add in Select Statement inside Case? Topic by ylai20 05 Nov 2009

I have 2 table with below dataManager_ID | Manager_Name | COMPANYCARE | ANDY | COMP ACARE | JOHN | COMP BCARE | CHRIS | COMP CA001 | ANDY | COMP DA002 | MABEL | COMP EA003 | LANDY |COMP FMANAGER_ID | MANAGER_NAMEA001 | ANDYA002 | MABELA003 | LANDYA004 | JOHNA005 | CHRISI want the table A to have one more column (Manager ID_2). If the manager id = care, then this new column will get the Manager ID from Table 2, using Table1.Manager_Name = Table2.Manager_Name. When the manager id <> care, then the new column will remain as Table1.Manager_ID.Manager_ID | Manager_Name | COMPANY | Manager_ID2CARE | ANDY | COMP A | A001CARE | JOHN | COMP B | A004CARE | CHRIS | COMP C | A005A001 | ANDY | COMP D | A001A002 | MABEL | COMP E | A002A003 | LANDY |COMP F | A003My statement is Select Manager_ID, Manager_Name, COMPANY, case when T1.Manager_ID like '%CARE%' then ((SELECT T2.Manager_ID from DB.Table2 T2 where T1.Manager_Name=T2.Manager_Name) elseT1.Manager_ID END as Manager_ID2)From DB.Table1 T1But this code seems got problem..anyone can help?Thanks!

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CLDM Topic by vamsi_142 22 May 2011

HI all,
I want to know about Communication Logical Data Model(CLDM) and Health care Data Model (HCDM).
Please help me with the information.

Thank you

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Needing Master Data Management advice Topic by hrmikwen 09 Feb 2010

Hello,Thanks again for all of your support on the forum. Already interested in different open source offers for data quality, we would be interested in a similar field. We are thinking about Master Data Management software to complete our existing software. Would you know of open source MDM software? Thanks for your help.

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what happens? Topic by vamsi_142 13 May 2011

Hi all,
I am new to teradata.
can anybody explain me what happens(like hashing,subtable,row distribution etc) in the PE,AMP and other componants when we are
(1)inserting a row
(2)retrieving a row
(3)performing a join operation

Thanks in advance...

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NetBackup with Tara hung table Topic by dngrlfriday 21 Apr 2011

Having a problem with backups. Using NetBackup with TARA. Last 4 nights the backup has hung on the same table for 2 hours, causing us to have to abort the job. Entire system backup usually take 40 minutes. The backup is done in 3 streams and streams 1 and 2 always complete fine and stream 3 gets hung on the same table each night. Any ideas?

1 reply, 9 years ago
Executing teradata procedures in unix shell scripts Topic by UpaMishra 02 Jun 2009

sqlplus -s /nolog @/rsl/app/upendra/login.sql << EOFset serveroutput onset timing onexec CAT_CHCONFIG_APP('M','1');EOFCAT_CHCONFIG_APP is an oracle procedure.Is there any way to run teradata procedures in shell scripts.

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CASE Statement Topic by marcmc 06 Jul 2007

I basically want to add a case statement to say if rated_driver_id Is Not Null AND rated_P_driver_id Is Null AND 'H' || trim(t7.corrected_product_type) in ('HQMV', 'HQMF', 'HQMP', 'HQMB') then COALESCE(rated_P_driver_id,0). The below gives me an error as follows, what can I do to get the syntax correct?3707: Syntax Error, expecting something like a 'THEN' keyword between ')' and '('.SELECT top 5 CASE WHEN rated_driver_id Is Not Null AND rated_P_driver_id Is Null AND 'H' || trim (t7.corrected_product_type) in ('HQMV', 'HQMF', 'HQMP', 'HQMB') (CASE WHEN c.trans_seq_no IS NULL AND c.no_qmrneg_det = 'N' THEN NULL ELSE CASE WHEN r9.rated_driver_id IS NOT NULL THEN r9.rated_driver_id WHEN c.Product_Type = 'QMP' THEN r.rated_driver_id ELSE NULL END END) THEN COALESCE(rated_P_driver_id,0) rated_p_driver_id, c.tr_single_driver, c.mod_policy_holder, Policy_Holder_Discount FROM po_risk_detail_cursor c LEFT JOIN tmp_po_rsk_dtl_sales_rep t......

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Modify MAXLOADTASKS Topic by dngrlfriday 21 Apr 2011

How do you determine how many load tasks your system can safely handle? The default MaxLoadTasks setting is 5. This seems low and is causing some issues.

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TMSM sendevent Topic by littlet 11 Apr 2011

We were using tmsm on solaris 10. We upgraded to and it quit working as expected. Sendevent no longer returns usage when used command line without arguements. It starts and stops without errors. I have read the documentation and installed as directed. Any ideas?

1 reply, 9 years ago
Enterprise integration Topic by jsmexiaa557 08 Apr 2011

Enterprise integration is a technical field of Enterprise Architecture, which focused on the study of topics such as system

interconnection, electronic data interchange, product data exchange and distributed computing environments.It is a concept

in Enterprise engineering to provide the right information at the right place and at the right time and thereby enable

communication between people, machines and computers and their efficient co-operation and co-ordination.

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FAST PATH INSERT SELECT Topic by dbread007 17 Dec 2007

Can someone please explain the FAST PATH INSERT SELECT Teradata Function?I have 300,000 rows of data I need to insert into a table and then run queries on. With normal INSERT this takes hours.I know there is a function to speed this process up but DO NOT know how to use it.MANY THANKS,dbread007

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Historization in pushdown optimization + UDF Topic by RW255006 31 Mar 2011 udf, powercenter


Anyone ever tried to run FULL PUSHDOWN on informatica 8.6.1 with UDFs? I'm thinking about implementing of historization of data in C ;)


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Loading from Oracle Warehouse Builder to Teradata Topic by amitnagpal 11 Dec 2008

Do we have the external loaders for loading the data into teradata from Oracle Warehouse Builder or do we need to generate flat files and then write the mload/fload scripts explicitly for loading into Teradata ?

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Rank in Teradata Topic by rk_theprince 26 Sep 2010 rank teradata

Hi everyone
I am new to teradata,
can some one explain me what is Rank() function in Teradata and what does it do

Thanks in advance

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TASM handling of procedures with many statements or loops Topic by helge 17 Mar 2011 tasm performance workload procedure

We're having issues with how TASM treats procedure calls. When our "nightly" batch runs into office hours, we have throttles on how many concurrent "Medium" and "Long" queries can be run at the same time. This works fine for most jobs, as the latest jobs gets put in the delay queue until there is "available slots" in the correct WD...

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Integration as a service Topic by jsmexiaa557 21 Mar 2011

Integration Services is a component of the Microsoft SQL Server database software which can be used to perform a broad range of data migration tasks.

Integration as a service

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Enterprise Integration Platform Topic by jsmexiaa557 19 Mar 2011

Enterprise Integration platform is defined as the use of software and computer systems architectural principles to integrate a set of enterprise computer applications.
Enterprise Integration Platform

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Statistics Interval Histogram Topic by frefortin 01 Mar 2011 statistics;


My DBA team are working on the explanation of the estimated rows in the Explain of a query. We understand where the number is take. But we have a question on the Interval Histogram of a column statistics.

Question : How the Teradata determine the statistics interval in an Interval Histogram?

Thanks for your help!


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Exclusive Lock Topic by RGlass 11 Mar 2008

An existing ETL job at my site is coded with an exclusive lock applied to delete rows from a table.I presume this was coded this way to ensure no one accessed an empty table between the delete and insert.There are 1200 rows in table. The delete and re-insert of current rows (again 1200) is a subsecond operation,however occasionally another user or app. is running a long running query with an access lock on this table. Since this causes a block for the job trying to get the exclusive lock I get paged in the middle of the night to resolve.Has anyone heard of a legitimate reason for coding this way?Our ETL lead is reluctant to change because the world may come to an end. Any Ideas of how to convince him would be appreciated.TBob

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I need assistance on modify table Topic by daggula 11 Feb 2011

here is my create table query :

create table test(

testid int check(testid < 100 and testid > 1000),
testname varchar(100) uppercase

this query is working fine but i want to modify the test id col for auto generation.
for this i wrote the modify query as :

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I need a query to list the table names used in a view. Topic by gurppup 05 Feb 2011

I need a query to list the table names used in a view.

eg. if the view is created such as

create view view1 as select tab1.a, tab2.b from tab1 a, tab2;

the query should populate

view Table
____ _____
view1 tab1
view1 tab1

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