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For topics on Teradata’s Unified Data Architecture and associated enterprise-level features and products. Potential topics could include integrations in and around Teradata, Aster, and Hadoop as well as supporting technologies like Connectors, QueryGrid, Backup/Restore, Multi-Systems, and the Unity product suite (Director, Loader, Data Mover, Ecosystem Manager).

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SQL Query to modify a column datatype lenght.!!! Topic by kumar-4110 28 Mar 2007

Hi All,I need an SQL Query in TD to modify a column datatype length.something like we do in oracle(say if existing length is varchar(10),i need it to be changed to varchar(20))alter table xxx modify emp_name varchar(20)Thanks for your help,Kumar.

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To create a volatile table in crystal reports on terdata Topic by kundan 05 Nov 2009

Hi I am migrating a set of reports from SQL Server 2000 to Terdata V12. My existing crystal report got a command in SQl server using Temp tables, so i am trying to create a volatile table in crystal reports on teradata database and i am getting this error [size=4]"Only an ET or null statement is legal after a DDL Statement"[/size]Below is the code i am using create volatile table test_data_vt ( capst_a_dt timestamp(6),adx_an_id integer,adx_br_id integer) primary index (capst_appn_dt, adx_appn_id, adx_bor_id) on commit preserve rows; insert into test_data_vt select capst_a_dt,adx_an_id,adx_br_id from DADW.dms_ak where adx_appn_id=54625871; select * from shaw_data_vt; The Query is running fine in Teradata SQL Assistant and i am able to create the Volatile tableI am not able to solve the issuse, So please if any one can help me i really Appreciate

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Report file option in Teradata connector stage Topic by ramya123 05 Jan 2012


In (Datastage) Teradata connector satge do we have an option like "Report file " as in  Teradata multiload stage ?





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DataStage TD Connector Stage - Lookup -Stage Topic by Diecorp 01 Aug 2012


How can I parametizer a TD Connector Stage when this use a Lookup Stage?

I had the sentence:


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Release all queries from TASM Delay Q Topic by TeraLab 31 Jul 2012 tasm, delay queue

Hi All,

Wondering is there a way to release all the users at once from the Delay Queue?

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AM PM in Current_timestamp Topic by meera_intel 19 Oct 2008

select current_timestamp(0) returns, 2008-10-19 09:04:18+00:00 for 9 PM. There is no information on AM/PM. How to convert this to AM/PM format or 24-hour format?Thanks,Meera

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The TPT's Log of TD Connector Stage Topic by Diecorp 03 Jul 2012


I have a question:

A TD Connector Stage in DataStage, generate some TPT Log?? Normally where is this?

Thank you!

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stored procedure Topic by jerboa 28 Apr 2012

Hi everyone!

I want to write SP for removing tables. The first need to find these tables (they need satisfy some conditions)  and  the second - remove it. I don't know how pass the list of tables to variables for removing theirs. And some errors occurred  during compilation.


create procedure drop_tt (DName VARCHAR(128))


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TD 13 - 2580 model - TASM/ Work Load management Topic by manojchakri 20 Apr 2012 tasm teradata 13 appliance


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Compare old stats to new stats for a table Topic by teradatauser2 22 Apr 2012

I have collected statistics on a table today. I want to compare this stats to the older stats that were there on this table before collecting today's stats.  

Is there a way to do so. I have not saved the old statistics of the table anywhere.

Little uegent. Quick reply would be appreciated.

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Collect stats in ETL Topic by smarty 27 Jan 2012


I've been workinng on Teradata with the mainframes all through my experience. As per my current project, I had to use Datastage as ETL and I have a question here. 

How do we collect statistics after an MLOAD or a Fastload when we are using ETL. Do we call the UNIX scripts to do this?? 

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Improper Column Reference in the search condition of a Joined Table. Topic by vniri.teradata 09 Mar 2009

Hi,I am getting the error "Error 3782 Improper Column Reference in the search condition of a Joined Table." when executing the below query.SEL * FROM TABLE_A POS LEFT OUTER JOINTABLE_B TMIPON TMIP.ITEM_ID = POS.ITEM_ID ,(SELECT Party_ID FROM TABLE_C WHERE Source_Party_Num = '12345678' AND Data_Cd = 1 AND Party_Cd = 20 GROUP BY 1 ) Blank_Customer LEFT OUTER JOIN TABLE_D Cust_SalesON Cust_Sales.customer_party_id=Blank_Customer.Party_idAND Cust_Sales.Division='00'LEFT OUTER JOIN TABLE_E TDIMONPOS.SALE_DT=TDIM.CALENDAR_DTImproper Column Reference in the search condition of a Joined Table.Error: 3782However when I remove the Join on the Table_E (the last join), it runs fine.Nick

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What differences between base edition and enterprise warehouse edition database engine? Topic by chenshiqi 20 Jul 2011 difference base edition enterprise warehouse


Can anyone tell me What differences between base edition and enterprise warehouse edition database engine,thanks a lot.

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Implementation of Incremental Backup Topic by gotuchintu 15 Oct 2010 backup

Here in EIM, the challenge with the backup was backup window was growing steadily. When it reached 11 hour window, it became an issue. With the continuous ETL loads & so many report users it became nearly impossible to have that big backup window. Here, ETL almost pulls the real time data from the legacy systems and puts them into DW.

On investigation, it was found that only one table in the database takes almost 9 hours to get backed up. The size of the table was 6 TB +. Then we planned to implement incremental backup for that big table.

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Split delimited column into separate rows Topic by paulcy 26 Jan 2010

Hello,I have a record that has a column that contains delimited data, how can I split the delimited data into separate rows?Current look1 | A, B, C2 | A, CWhat I want:1 | A1 | B1 | C2 | A2 | CThanks,Paul

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Identifying Table Creator Topic by gecko311 13 Oct 2008

The description already summarizes it...How do I write SQL to identify all tables created by user XYZ so I can drop only these tables?Thanks,gecko

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SAP Extractor for Teradata Topic by sid19840 28 Feb 2012

Could you please help me know if there are any SAP Extractors to load data to Teradata from SAP?

Thanks in advance.

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Parsing/Response Topic by TeraLab 03 Feb 2012 tasm

Hi All,

I've two questions:

  1. For a query, which is in responding mode, does increasing the priority (Higher Workload) help?
  2. When does the parsing happen for the query in TASM environment? Is it before the query is pushed to delay queue (if it goes to delay queue) or after the query is released from the delay queue (i.e) when the query gets active?
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teradata xml services on z/os Topic by frankbough 26 Jan 2012 xml services, ibm z/os

Are teradata XML Services available on IBM Z/OS?
My current project requires an extract from our mainframe based teradata warehouse as XML,
I found documentation for window and Linux based XML Services, these sound like the perfect solution for my current prroject, however I need a mainframe version. Does one exist?

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Date of birth MMDDYYYY text convert to date format and get age Topic by newbie1234567 25 Feb 2009

I've gotten halfway through this and am hoping I'm close to the endit should not take a day to get a single field updated, Anywaygot a Char(8)field formatted MMDDYYYY formatted to a date by using SELECT(CAST(SUBSTR(CHAR_DOB,1,4) || '/' || SUBSTR(CHAR_DOB,5,2) ||'/'||SUBSTR(CHAR_DOB,7,2) AS DATE)) AS DATE_DOBnow i need to do a current date minus the above to get ageIf anyone knows the command Im

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I want to copy structure of a SET table to a New table as MULTISET. Is there any way we can do this? Topic by Anand.Louis 29 Dec 2011 set, multiset, copy


I want to copy structure of a SET table to a New table as MULTISET. Is there any way we can do this? 

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Removing duplicates Topic by sudheer@vankayala 06 Dec 2009

Can you people help in suggesting a query which can help me in deleting duplicate records from the table without using temporary work table??

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20 Padded in Data Topic by ramya123 29 Nov 2011


I am new to Teradata. We are using Teradata as Our database in Datastage. Data is extracted from Oracle (xml format) and loading that to Teradata tables (multioload)

Datastage i am using Projects level PAD_CHAR as 0x0.

Target column is EMP Char(11) in teradata

When i am trying to convert emp_id to hexa decimal data is showing with 20 as padded

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Teradata_Connector: Schema is empty Topic by ramya123 20 Dec 2011 teradata_connector: schema is empty


We are using ETL tool  in that we are using Teradata as Database.

In one job source is DB2 and Target is TeraData , im using teradata connector stage. This job is mulitple instance job. Metadata will be passes at runtime.

I have specified all the required entires in the Teradata connector stage.(DB Name, Username , passwos, Schema).

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Extract Data from Teradata using SSIS Topic by thiru.senthil 08 Sep 2008

Hi,I am a SSIS ETL guy and i need to extract data from Terada database, it is an new project recently i got assigned.Please give me some check list how can connect teradata and what are steps i should follow before going to develop SSIS Packages.Thanks....

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