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For topics on Teradata’s Unified Data Architecture and associated enterprise-level features and products. Potential topics could include integrations in and around Teradata, Aster, and Hadoop as well as supporting technologies like Connectors, QueryGrid, Backup/Restore, Multi-Systems, and the Unity product suite (Director, Loader, Data Mover, Ecosystem Manager).

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Create NO FALLBACK tables using Datamover XML Topic by Abdulaziz 16 Jul 2013 datamover, datamovement, datamover test production, xml teradata

I have to copy a set of tables form production to test environments. On production the tables are with FALLBACK. But when it is copied to test i want it to be copied with NO FALLBACK. Is there any element i can add to the DataMover XML which can control the functionallity to create the tables on test with or without fallback?

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fastload Topic by hjshah22 12 Oct 2006

Where are fastload worktables stored?does it take perm space?can we actually see those tables in list of objects being created?In which DBC table those worktables are stored?

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option to reject existing duplicate rows but also allow non-duplicate rows to be inserted into table Topic by Jaycob 19 Jun 2013

Greeting All,
Just wondering if there's any option in TD allow user to insert partially only non-deplicate rows after creating a unique primary table like the undo_policy=none option in SAS. In this way, the process will reject to insert all existing duplicate rows but also allow non-duplicate rows to be inserted into table. Thanks in advance for any response.

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Data Warehouse Testing Topic by RCC13 18 Jul 2007

I work in a Data Warehouse as a Quality Control Analyst. Development uses Abinitio as the ETL tool and we use SQL for writing our test scripts. I am trying to find out how other shops test their existing Data Warehouse maintenance projects. We use the functional and technical specifications to create our Test Strategy, Test Plans and Test Cases. We use a subset of production data for our test bed. We test all of the transformation rules stated in the specifications (some have very complex logic), creating ‘seeded’ test data to meet the criteria of the transformation rule if the data does not already exist. My Questions: How are other shops meeting the need to test all the transformation rules? Are other shops seeding data or only using what exists in production? If all transformation rules are not being tested is there a risk factor associated with the untested rules? In your environment does the Developer run the ETL graphs for loading test target tables or does your Testers run the graphs? Thanks.

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Load error in Teradata while using TD Express 13.10 Topic by aarpit1991 10 Jun 2013 error teradata expressa edition v13 re-boot windows vista

I am using TD Express in a VM with suse linux as a traget table. When I load data to it I get error as "The positional parameter list has too many values". I know this error is due to mismatch of no of columns in input and actual columns in database. But I have checked many times and found ok.

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MS access link to Teradata subset of views that is granted from a role Topic by Ron Fleck 29 May 2009

We are using MS Access as a front end to Teradata. We are trying to move to granting ROLES to users so that they can see only a certain number of views within the DB. But when we specify that DB as the default in the ODBC default database, we get error 3524 - The user does not have any access to database xxxIf we specify a Default DB in the ODBC connection wherein the user has access to ALL the views within that DB (either via ROLE or profile access), then MS Access connects and shows us all those views.Is there a way to have an MS Access link show the user ONLY that subset of views based on a role that is granted to just a few views in the Teradata database?Using ODBC driver

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I need remove ' ' of rows Topic by sbarrionuevo 03 Jun 2013 sql, space, row, table, for update

Hi, I'm Sebastian and I need your help you. I have rows with '    ' data, for example:
My table have 1 row of the name 'tx_name' and... in the name have:
'     Pepito'(in that case use trim for remove )
'Pepito      Albert'(How remove it this space?)
I try with:
sel oraplace(tx_name, '      '. ' ') from people -- This case have error in tx_name

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Training information Topic by HenryMiguel 03 Jun 2013 best obiee training

OBIEE 11g Dashboard Building Case Study.

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Issue during Conversion of varchar to Timestamp(0) Topic by KrishnaKulkarni 18 Oct 2012

I am using TPT to load my table.
I am facing an error in converting varchar to TimeStamp(0).
The segment code which is giving the error is :
   APPLY ('INSERT INTO '||@TargetTable||'(

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Teradata Metadata Services Topic by ebohon 26 Sep 2007

Is any one in this forum using Metadata Services? We are looking to work with it but wanted to get some info on those that are using it and their experience? what they use it for and how they use it. Any info will help.

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TDM vs Other Load Utilities Topic by Jigar 12 Sep 2011 tdm

Hi ,


We have a project where we FastExport data from one Teradata Server and Mload/Fastload it to another Teradata Server.However I recently found out we also have TDM available in our project.

I was wondering whether it is worth to change existing Fexp/FastLoad scripts to TDM or would the performance be nearly same in both the case.

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SQL query to Teradata SQL Topic by 02 Feb 2008

hi,pls convert the following SQL queries to Teradata SQL.1.DATEDIFF(day,dateadd ( dd , ( r_update_date % 1000 ) - 1 , convert ( datetime ,convert( char(4) , r_update_date / 1000 ) + '/01/01') ) , GETDATE()) > 902. datepart(d,dateadd(day,-datepart(d,getdate()),getdate());

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Numeric Overflow error Topic by samvs 14 Nov 2009

Hi,while firing the below sql, I am getting 'Numeric Overflow Occured during computation'Select A ,B ,C ,D ,E ,sum(F) AS G ,sum(H) AS I from dbname.tblname WHERE D <> 'R' group by 1,2,3,4,5order by 1,2,3,4,5Pls help!

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pulling all the tables and Views not using in prod since from long time in teradata Topic by SeenuGuddu 10 Apr 2013

Hi Gurus,
Please help me suggesting a query to find for pulling all the tables and Views in teradata .
we have lot of backed up  temp tables and views not using in prod since from long time.
Please find the below SQL's

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Raise Error and Return value with in a stored procedure Topic by Abhisek 03 Dec 2009

Hi,I am trying to convert Stored procedure from Sybase to Teradata. Sybase has the option to raise error as well as return 0 or 1 for (success or failure).The scenario is as follows,1) SP1 2) SP2Call of SP2 depends on the return value generated by SP1 ,for eg, create procedure SP1(@z char(2))as if (char_length(@z," ") <> 2) begin raiserror 20000 return 1 end return 0exec @retcode=SP1 @zIF @retcode = 0 exec @retcode=SP2 @zELSE return 1So here in this case, if the return value is 1, then the other stored procedure shall not execute and if its 0 then SP2 would get executed. This functionality is supported by Sybase.I tried implementing the same functionality in Teradata using OUT parameter.However when the stored procedure SP1 executes successfully the out parameters set to 0, but if SP1 fails with error the OUT parameter doesn't return any value.Please help in this regard.

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to get datatypes of all column from table Topic by altruist 30 Jul 2009

Hi,i want to get all columnnames from a table A & its respective datatype.i could get it columnnamefrom below querysel columnname from dbc.columnswhere tablename ='A'and databasename = 'dtbs'how can i get respective datatype?Please help me.Thanks,altruist

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handle TASM 3156 error code in Stored Procedure Topic by alpenfor 12 Dec 2012

We use TASM to limit duration and spool of some Requests.
We would like to set a continue handler for 3156 Code (coming from TASM when request limit is exceeded) but we are not able to make it work. It works for others errors not coming from TASM.
Do you have an Idea on this subject ?
Thanks a lot
Best Regards

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Data Conversion Topic by Ince 11 Aug 2008

HiCan you please help me convert char(16) to decimal(18,0)e.g. select Cast(OAA_N as decimal (18,0) ) O_Account_Num from AccountError: It says bad character formatting.

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How can I pass arrays to teradata 13 stored procedures? Topic by RATeradata13 06 Nov 2012 passing arrays to stored procedures

    Is it possible to pass an array to a teradata (13) stored procedure?  If I had to do it in oracle, it would look as follows:

create or replace



 PROCEDURE p_AcceptArray( inArrayCdes in T_STR_ARRAY ) IS.....etc


Any help would be greatly appreciated


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TeraData vs Oracle Topic by nicky 30 Jun 2007

hiRecently one of our client wants to make a selection between teradata and oracle 10g. I our evaluation tells me that oracle 10g is far better than Teradata. But it may be because there are so many persons working on oracle so will anybody here guide me

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The input table can't be compressed Topic by anung 31 Aug 2012 blc

Hi all,


I tried to using BLC for the first time, but encountered some unusual case.

One of my table cannot be compressed using BLC.

Ferret says "The input table can't be compressed".

why is that? 




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How to exceute only integer records in character column Topic by anilaraveti 09 Sep 2012

Hi Teradata gurs,

Could you please any body help me how to exceute only integer values in charcater

Suppose i have data like below :

Column A




I want to exceute only integer value exclude character value :

Column A




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Need help on 3rd normal form and dimentional modeling(star & snowflake schema) for TERADATA Topic by malli 21 Aug 2012


Need help on

how teradata will support for 3rd normal form and dimentional modeling(star & snowflake schema).

and what is the difference between 3 NF and dimentional modeling?

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Looking for Suggestions for Security for a Teradata Data Warehouse Topic by Barry Williams 02 Sep 2012 security, tdgss

Hi Folks
I am working on putting in place security procedures for a Data Warehouse.
I have come across a very useful article here :-

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Teradata dump - Prod to dev Topic by kondalmrao 25 Nov 2008

Hi All,We are trying to setup a teradata server for our dev environment and we would like to replicate the production environment but with only sample data(limited no of records in each table). Needless to say, our dev env has less space compared to teh production.What is the easiest/Industry standard way of doing this? Also, is there any way we can parameterize the no of records from tables in particular database (Ideally, we would like to copy all the data from the process control/metadata tables but only samples from the real data tables)I have heard of the arcmain utility but i am not sure if we can get samples of data from each table in the arcmain dump. Appreciate any help on this!Thanks.

2 replies, 8 years ago