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For topics on Teradata’s Unified Data Architecture and associated enterprise-level features and products. Potential topics could include integrations in and around Teradata, Aster, and Hadoop as well as supporting technologies like Connectors, QueryGrid, Backup/Restore, Multi-Systems, and the Unity product suite (Director, Loader, Data Mover, Ecosystem Manager).

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Data Modelling Consultants Required:-Unmissable Opportunity Topic by Ross Dunham 06 Apr 2006

To work for a leading global consulting services company which offer end to end solutions in 53 countries across 6 continents.You will have the fantastic opportunity to deliver data warehousing solutions in three of the most dynamic and beautiful countries in the world(Australia, South Africa and Thailand), either on a permanent basis or on long term fixed contracts(4-18 months duration) The FSLDM(Financial Services Logical Data Model) Consultants must have,8+ commercial years within software solutions delivering Data Warehousing and BI solutions 3 years commercial experience or the implementation of 2 data modeling projects within the financial industryTeradata Data design experience or Teradata Physical ImplementationThe successful candidate must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills coupled with an enthusiasm and willingness to travel for work purposes for long periods at a time.The role comes with a salary which is very negotiable and matches the experience/skills required in the market. This is coupled with highly attractive rewards make the whole package very desirable.Interested? Call Ross Dunham 03 8622 4404 or email

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Omaha needs two DBAs Topic by john bukowski 05 Apr 2006

Hi,Not sure if my first post was accepted. I have a client in Omaha, NE who needs two DBAs email me for detail, these are contract to permanent

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NEED TO CHECK FORMAT TO 'YYYY-MM-DD' Topic by rlaskar 31 Mar 2006

Hi,I have a column which is of type varchar(20) and which holds date value. Now i need to verify whether the data in the column is having correct date format.Date format should be YYYY-MM-DD.Thanks,rlaskar

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Default spaces Topic by divyasrhee 16 Mar 2006

I am new to tera data. I have a doubt, that.. If a field size is 25 and the value in that is only of lenght 10 the remaining 15 places will be blank spaces?Pls help me?

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Data retrieval query Topic by Sandi 01 Nov 2005

Hi all,I want to retrieve last 3 months data from a table,in which datas are loading daily. I have a query but it is retrieving last 3months data + data loaded till current day.But I need only last 3 months data. For example if i am running that job on oct 5 it should retrieve july,august,Sep data. But my SQLquery is retrieving these 3 months data + Oct1,2,3,4 datas also.

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AWS specs needed Topic by sys-eng 03 Mar 2006

I need some specs on the 2300-1832-8090 AWS. I did not find anything helpful in the online documents that I looked at.

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Independent Data Marts Topic by Pravin14u 23 Feb 2006

I have the following architecture as my proposal(Using independent data marts). I request you to have a look into it and give your comments.The INDEPENDENT DATA MARTS that i consider represents the same functional area but different geographic location (i.e.) all the data marts would contain the similar schema but will be distributed over the geography and the data local to that geography would be updated to those data marts directly.My proposal also has all the independent data marts continuously updating the pre-defined aggregations to the CENTRAL FACT TABLE so that the top level corporate management can get the organization level reports directly from the aggregated fact table. The region level reports can be directly obtained from the data marts. I have attached the details of this concept with this message.Thank you

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Why drop Table need 10 minutes? Topic by s90570809 21 Feb 2006

Dears:case 1. In batch time (22:00 ~ 09:00) batch jobs drop table used 1 second but after 09:00 user begin use the teradata database drop table used 10 minutes. I used PMON monitor these job no lock and the CPU usage same as the batch time near 2. In batch time batch jobs will not lock dbc.accessrights but the same jobs after 09:00 if lock abc.accessrights then I move hight CPU Job to penalty box let the CPU usage down to 10% during two hours but these batch jobs still lock can't release.Somebody can give me some hints. Thanks!Best RegardsJohnson Yeh

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Deadlock and isolation levels Topic by rprinsen 08 Feb 2006

Not being familiar with teradata, I have the following issue.An ETL system requires that tables can be read and written to at the same time by the same user, but different connections. Deadlocks occur, seemingly at random. Is there a way to minimize this using isolation levels as dirty reads, shadow reads ....Any information is appreciated in my search for an answer

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UNION limit Topic by AnKo 06 Feb 2006

Hi,I've got a situation as follows...a single view containing multiple views with some filter condition on each child view.replace view main_view asselect * from view_1UNION ALLselect * from view_2....and so on tillUNION ALLselect * from view_15and the definition of each view is something like this...replace view view_1 as select 1 as id, col1, col2, sum(col20) from view_xwhere id = 1group by col1, col2replace view view_2 as select 2 as id, col2, col3, sum(col67) from view_xwhere id = 2group by col2, col3and so on...basically each view i.e. from view_1..view_x they all access the same view but they group differently to suit the requirement.The trouble I'm having is teradata doesn't accept more that 15 UNION ALLs for defining my main_view. I've tried splitting 15 views into 2 or 3 groups but still the same problem. It is giving me an error of 3710: Insufficient memory to p**** this request, during Resolver phase. Is the only solution to increase the memory??Is there any other way around this??? My requirement is based on the ID value I get from my application, I need to run only that specific view that will matche the given ID. Therefore, if the application send 2, then only view_2 should be executed.Please let me know if I need to explain the problem in further detail...All suggestions welcome.Regards,AnKo

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SQL to update a column using another column Topic by terausr 20 Jan 2006

I need the logic/ansi sql to update a column, LP_Qty in my table using another col in the same table this is RF_Qty. RF_Qty gets updated everyday as the table refreshes everyday. But LP_Qty should be equal to RF_Qty only when it is FisPeriodEnd_Dt, else it should retain it's previous value till it is FisPeriodEnd_Dt. My target table has the following Cols Item_IdFiscalPeriod_Id (MonthLevel)RF_Qty,LP_Qtythere is another table called Fiscal_Period that hasFiscalPeriod_Id (MonthLevel)FiscalPeriodStart_DtFiscalPeriodEnd_DtWe also have current_date to use as this is not for historyhow do I populate the target table?thanks in advance

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Grouping sets Topic by Apukad 14 Sep 2005

Hello All,I have a problem, because i would like to order the query result with totals. But the ordered fields format are decimal(8,0)-month_id and date ('YYYY-MM-DD'). I tried to correct with coalesce, but it does not work in case of month_id.for example:Select coalesce(cast((c.month_id) as varchar(18)), 'total') month_id,coalesce(cast((a.date_of_day) as varchar(18)), 'total') date_of_day,sum(a.sales) (decimal (18,0)) turnover_of_store,sum(a.Inv) invoices_of_stores,sum(b.sales) (decimal (18,0)) turnover_of_petrol_station,sum(b.inv) invoices_of_petrol_station,sum(e.sales) (decimal (18,0)) store_and_ps_both,sum(e.inv) invoices_of_ps_and_st,sum(f.sales) (decimal (18,0)) only_in_petrol_station,sum(f.inv) invoices_only_ps,sum(g.sales) (decimal (18,0)) non_cust_turnover,sum(h.sales) (decimal (18,0)) noncust_petrol,sum(g.inv) invoices_of_non_custsfromafull outer joinb -- everywhere on ( a.date_of_day=b/c/d(...).date_of_day)full outer joindfull outer joine full outer joinf full outer joingfull outer joinhleft outer joincgroup by grouping sets ((c.month_id, a.date_of_day),(c.month_id),())order by 1,2And the result is:200507. 2005-07-28 58317315200507. 2005-07-29 54006999200507. 2005-07-30 38717771200507. 2005-07-31 22883162200507. total 173925246200508. 2005-08-01 43818067200508. 2005-08-02 49287062200508. 2005-08-03 48032243200508. 2005-08-04 55144685200508. 2005-08-05 63540968200508. 2005-08-06 46978105200508. 2005-08-07 26707536200508. 2005-08-08 52050283200508. 2005-08-09 42215595200508. 2005-08-10 40481405200508. 2005-08-11 94318002200508. 2005-08-12 68535172200508. 2005-08-13 48584137200508. 2005-08-14 30915682200508. 2005-08-15 49016040200508. 2005-08-16 60961325200508. 2005-08-17 56177854200508. 2005-08-18 64274925200508. 2005-08-19 60341100200508. 2005-08-21 28196843200508. 2005-08-22 47896784200508. 2005-08-23 50897546200508. 2005-08-24 42467145200508. 2005-08-25 72119850200508. 2005-08-26 61551026200508. 2005-08-27 43815616200508. 2005-08-28 25631179200508. 2005-08-29 48931290200508. 2005-08-30 51073884200508. 2005-08-31 49427548200508. total 1523388897200508. total 2283454153 - it would be the 'total, total'200509. 2005-09-01 50205687200509. 2005-09-02 59044531200509. 2005-09-03 44247926200509. 2005-09-04 25701351200509. 2005-09-05 44528623200509. 2005-09-06 50506438200509. 2005-09-07 50908409200509. 2005-09-08 71730314200509. 2005-09-09 64542775200509. 2005-09-10 48846958200509. 2005-09-11 31428499200509. 2005-09-12 44448498200509. total 586140009I do not understand why it is 200508. total (or 200507. total, because it seems to me random month_id). By the way values are correct, but I would like to see grand total at the bottom.Could you please inform me, if you have any idea in this topic? We have just updated our database to V2R6. Thanks in advance!

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Opportunity Topic by Steve Paulus 15 Dec 2005

I hope I am not out of line in posting a job opportunity in this forum. If so, would anyone know of a more acceptable way? I was doing some research on and came across this Teradata Discussion Group web site. I'm a recruiter and have been working with a client that is located in Chicago, IL. This client has asked for our help in identifying multiple individuals that have a good level of experience with Teradata from a data warehousing administration standpoint. These are direct, full-time (non-contract) positions.If there is interest and you feel that you are qualified, please contact me. Any help or additional information would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Steve PaulusProfessional Placement RecruiterVolt Services Group | 30 S. Meridian Street, Suite 875 | Indianapolis, IN | t: 317.685.2200 | f: 317.685.2215 | tf: 800.854.3041

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compress Timestamp(6) Topic by 11 Jan 2006

Is there a way to compress timestamp(6) field.we have a exp_ts field that gets a default value of 9999-12-31 00:00:00.000000 I want to compress this field is this possible?If it is possible how to write the compress statement?Exp_ts timestamp(6) NOT NULL Compress ??????Thanks

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