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For topics on Teradata’s Unified Data Architecture and associated enterprise-level features and products. Potential topics could include integrations in and around Teradata, Aster, and Hadoop as well as supporting technologies like Connectors, QueryGrid, Backup/Restore, Multi-Systems, and the Unity product suite (Director, Loader, Data Mover, Ecosystem Manager).

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Get version number Topic by SjoerdV 17 Nov 2006

Is there a function or other method to query or find the version of the Teradata database?? (I'm new to Teradata)Thanx!

3 replies, 6 years ago
Check newline character in a text column Topic by sparan 05 Feb 2008

Guys,can any one let me know how to check the newline character in a given varchar/char field in teradata?ex:i have a text column in a teradata table which can hold 10 characters. I need to check if there is any newline() exists in that field.Thanks,Sparan

7 replies, 6 years ago
Importing delimiter text file!!!!!!!! Topic by sparan 31 Aug 2006

can any one please give me a sample script to load a table using bteq import?Thanks in adv.

11 replies, 6 years ago
alter table modify primary index to unique primary index Topic by ramvenky74 25 Jan 2009

Hi,I'm new to teradata.I want to alter the PRIMARY INDEX of a table to UNIQUE PRIMARY INDEX. How to acheive this?Also I would like to know the full alter table syntax options of Teradata.

7 replies, 6 years ago
Compiling Stored Proc - VC++ not installed error Topic by Rao 04 Oct 2006

HI,while compiling the stored proc I get the following error.5547:Internal error VC++ compiler not installed.I installed Visual C++ 2005 Express edition. But still the error. Could some one help me in resolving. Is there any configuration required for the VC++ with respect to Teradata.Thanks in advanceRao

16 replies, 6 years ago
Loading Unicode data from Oracle to teradata Topic by Sreekanth-4565 01 Jul 2007

Hi Frndz, I am trying to load unicode ( Arabic) data from oracle into teradata using Informatica.Instead of the arabic characters i am getting junk characters in the target database.I suppose there is some issue with codepage. There is a table(Ch****ts) under teradata DBC with entries in the same as WIN1256_6A0 , ARABIC1256_0R.In my Oracle database wht shld be the apt codepage that i should use.Is there some other way to identify the codepage set for teradata , something like this (SELECT * FROM V$NLS_PARAMETERS) which we use for oracle? Advice one the above issues would have been helpful. Thanks in Advance

6 replies, 6 years ago
ETL CLOB from Oracle to Teradata Topic by drsaxman 30 Oct 2006

Is anyone ETL'ing a clob from Oracle to Teradata or does anyone have any thoughts how one would? What strategies are you using?

13 replies, 6 years ago
SAS - Connect to Teradata - TDWALLET Topic by gbendinelli 17 Mar 2014

I have to encrypt a password in a script sas and i try to use TDWALLET but i receive "ERROR: Teradata connection: Invalid password."
I try to use this connection string:
Connect To teradata (Username="<my_username>" Password="$tdwallet(<wallet_name>)" tdpid='<server_ip>' schema=<default_db> mode=TERADATA  );
but i receive:

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TaraGui Topic by Hillol 22 Jan 2014

Hi, What is the differnce between Restore script and copy script while restoring a job from TaraGui?
I have already taken backup of a job,but i am unable to create the proper script to restoe the backup.

3 replies, 6 years ago
Windows client for netbackup Topic by teradatauser2 09 Jan 2014

We are using netbackup 7.1 and currently use vnc viewer co connect to netbackup server. Is there a windows tool that can be installed on our desktop machine so that we can connect to netbackup. Our desktop is on Windiws XP.
Thanks !

1 reply, 7 years ago
Stored Procedure Execution via Unity Topic by dba_mountaineer 10 Dec 2013 teradata, database, unity, director, stored procedure, Execution, Error T3932

I am not sure if this is the right category of the current issues we are facing right now. Unity Director had been implemented in our client together with the Teradata database implementation. I am not sure if this is a verified bug but below are the current scenario we are facing.

3 replies, 7 years ago
Teradata Appliance 2500 series Topic by M.Saeed Khurram 03 Dec 2013 teradata appliance, 2500

What is Teradata appliance 2500 series? I just read in a book that most of the Teradata utilities are not being supported with this series, Is it being depricated? 

2 replies, 7 years ago
Difference between key and index? Topic by daggula 17 Feb 2011 index, key, primary key

Can any one tell me what is the difference between key and index?

what is the difference between primary key and unique primary key?

Ashok Reddy Daggula

4 replies, 7 years ago
Cancel Rollback on a table with referential integrity Topic by xmas95 21 Nov 2013

We attempted a large load on an empty table that was highly ineficient and had to abort the session after hours of running.
Now the rollback has been running for over 24hrs and is still locking the target table.
We tried Recovery Mananager with the "cancel rollback on table" command but gave us the "has referential integrity constraint" error.

13 replies, 7 years ago
Hot Standby Nodes Topic by Raja_KT 05 Nov 2013

I am always looking for opportunities to sell ideas and solutions. Can I give suggestion to the client to put Hot standby nodes for DM appliance or DW appliance?
Thanks and regards,

3 replies, 7 years ago
Appliance 2690 Topic by Raja_KT 03 Nov 2013

DW appliance 2690 has 8 nodes per cabinet. Does it mean we can put all in the same clique?
Thanks and regards,

2 replies, 7 years ago
Relay Services Gateway Topic by Raja_KT 07 Nov 2013

Is Relay Services Gateway coming along with AEDW or all do we need to have when we have Teradata unity or MDS?
Thanks and regards,

2 replies, 7 years ago
Logical Clustering of amps Topic by Raja_KT 05 Nov 2013

Is logical clustering of amps done by DBA or TD personnel?
Thanks and regards,

1 reply, 7 years ago
Supressing Titles on .EXPORT command Topic by LM Tera User 30 Aug 2006

I am trying to run BTEQ with a .EXPORT command as << !* > $getpth .logon $SCHEMA/$USER,$PASSWORD; .EXPORT REPORT FILE = kbtstfile; select APP_NAME, RUN_NAME, GROUP_NUMBER, RUN_ORDER from $DBPREFIX.dm_driver_steps_t where run_status = 'S' and run_order = 40; .EXIT !* Everything works and returns expected rows, but how can I get rid of the column headers and -------- that return below??APP_NAME RUN_NAME GROUP_NUMBER RUN_ORDER ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------ --------- edw STG_ODS 100 40

9 replies, 7 years ago
ARRAY Structure in Teradata Stored Procedure Topic by hba 18 Nov 2008

HI,I am looking for details about object or datatype in Teradata stored procedure which will be work like ARRAY Structure. Is there any object available in TD which supports ARRAY kind structure?Thanks in Advance.Regards,Harshad

14 replies, 7 years ago
PDCR Topic by Raja_KT 17 Nov 2013

I hope PDCR provides  performance and capacity reporting. May I know if I can configure or replicate the Dev and QA env with this? TLE ????? QCD????
Thanks and regards,

2 replies, 7 years ago
Parallel Connection Limit Topic by JustMe 12 Nov 2013 tpt, dbs control

How do I find the value of the TPT parallel connection limit?  Is this a field that is displayed in DBS Control?  If so, which field is it?  MaxLoadTasks?

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Reserved Query bands for BLC and Storage temperature Topic by Raja_KT 15 Oct 2013

I am curious about the reserved query bands for BLC and storage temperature of newly loaded data. I think they can be used by all. Do they come with separate licenses? May I know the cost and their terms and conditions? Can someone highlight few most outstanding features that can really be cost-saving?


Thanks and regards,


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advantages of teradata over other databases Topic by Teradata Learner 20 Jun 2006

i want to know the advantages of teradata over other databases . And also disadvantages,(why 1 organisation should go for teradata and why not?)

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creating stored procedures Topic by rajivgupta1107 10 Dec 2009

hi,I am trying to create stored procedure in BTEQ but getting error.Procedure:CREATE PROCEDURE DDD()BEGIN DECLARE e CURSOR FOR SELECT * from dw_indial.dim_application FOR READ ONLY;END;Error:DECLARE e CURSOR FOR $ *** Failure 3707 Syntax error, expected something like a name or a Unicode delimited identifier or a 'TRANSACTION' keyword or a 'FASTEXPORT' keyword bet ween the 'BEGIN' keyword and the 'DECLARE' keyword.Please let me know if any issue in definition?

10 replies, 7 years ago