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For topics on Teradata’s Unified Data Architecture and associated enterprise-level features and products. Potential topics could include integrations in and around Teradata, Aster, and Hadoop as well as supporting technologies like Connectors, QueryGrid, Backup/Restore, Multi-Systems, and the Unity product suite (Director, Loader, Data Mover, Ecosystem Manager).

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Problem after ARCMAIN import Topic by kondalmrao 23 Dec 2008

Hello experts,We have received an arcmain dump(of only table definitions of all tables expect DBC) from one of our teradata servers. We have imported the same into our dev environment. For the first time, the import has failed as one of the databases has too little permanent space even to create empty tables. and later, once we allocated the space, we re-ran the job and it was successful. But, we are not able to access any table and we are getting the following error. "2654: Operation not allowed: is being restored."Below is one of the sample scripts that we have used. (we have imported around 10000+ objects with a similar query)LOGON dbc/userid,password;COPY DICTIONARY TABLE (database.tablename) (FROM (database.tablename)),RELEASE LOCK,FILE=BKP ;LOGOFF;Has anyone faced this issue before? Let me know what could be the potential problem. Appreciate your help in this and thanks in advance.RegardsKondal

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WHAT DOES DBC MEANS IN TERADATA? Topic by pritpal 11 Feb 2008

Hi all,Somebody can tell me WHAT DOES DBC MEANS IN TERADATA?I dont want it Data base connection. I want the full description.I really appreciate the helpThanks

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to check is a string is numeric or not Topic by Gururaj Jagannath 06 Jun 2008

[font=Arial][/font]Hi, Is there any UDF to check if a string (in my case its CHAR(9)) is numeric or contains special chars/alphabets?My requirement is... i need to consider only those records which are numeric and populate NULL for rest of the records. The values in string can be: 127684,9749-id etc.Can i use is_numeric() for string?

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TIMESTAMP Topic by marcmc 28 Sep 2007

I have a stored procedure that sets a variable as follows:SELECT CAST(CURRENT_TIME(2) AS TIMESTAMP(2)) However, it has returned '2007-09-26 09:12:12.01' when it should have returned '2007-09-27 09:12:12.01'.The only element of the date being incorrect is the day of month.Is this something we know about in Teradata?

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Generating a DSA (BAR) log file with a similar format to ARCMAIN output Topic by ARyan 01 Jul 2015 DSA, dsc, bar, arcmain, arc

I am trying to produce a log file for each DSA (Data Streaming Architecture) job with a format similar to ARCMAIN output. The closest thing I can find is to redirect the output from the dsc command line to a file (.i.e. dsc job_status_log -name my_DSA_jobname -bucket n > my_log_file).

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Difference and concepts of ETL. Topic by Paddu 01 Oct 2007

Hi Recently i was joined in IT Company.

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VARCHAR fields Topic by ssteckley 28 Jul 2008

Sorry for the newbie quesiton, but in my early encounters with creating tables in Teradata I tried to keep VARCHAR sizes to a minimum. Meaning, if the data is not going to be more than 10 characters long from the source database, then I would use VARCHAR(10) in TD for the table create. I have had a consultant tell me that the TD standard is use VARCHAR(255) for any VARCHAR columns as it does not take any more space than anything less than that. What I am wondering is if there are any other concerns with this approach. To be it seems a little odd coming from the MS SQL side, but maybe this is the "standard" Thoughts?ss

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Any indepth documentation on QueryGrid? Topic by abhishes 21 May 2015 QueryGrid

I am trying to learn more about querygrid. so far what I have found is
but this is very superficial .... is there anything deaper on the querygrid product?

1 reply, 5 years ago
why should we use SET table ? Topic by 09 Feb 2009

A SET table force Teradata to check for duplicate rows every time a row is inserted or updated. This can cause a lot of overhead on such operations. Why cant we use multiset tables for all Tables which we are insert by other tables in DWH and use "Group By " to insert rows ?

28 replies, 5 years ago
Using qualify and group by together Topic by Hrushikesh 13 Jul 2009

I am using Teradata Sql Assistant 7.0I want to execute the following query:SELECT Column1 ,Column2 ,Column3 ,Column4 ,Column5 ,Column6 , CASE WHEN Column6 = 'N' THEN 1 ELSE 2 END Column7 FROM Table WHERE Column5 BETWEEN '2009/01/01' AND '2009/06/30' QUALIFY ROW_NUMBER () OVER ( PARTITION BY Column1 ,Column2 ,column8 ,Column9 ,Column5 ORDER BY Column7) =1 GROUP BY 1,2,3,4,5,6,7But the Query gets failed giving the following error:"Selected non-aggregate values must be part of the associated group"If i run the query with either Qualify or Group By it runs fine.But its not accepting both Qualify and Group By together.What should be the problem?

10 replies, 5 years ago
How to get ASCII Value of Character Topic by MTariq 07 Jun 2007

I need ASCII value of characters, e.g. A=65 , B=66.I have tried Select CHR2HEXINT('A') which returns me the HEX value (0041) of the char passed as parameter.Anyone has any idea how to convert HEX (0041) to ASCII(65) using FORMAT or some other built-in function.Thanks

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Datamover job fails when comparing DDL between source and target. Topic by Glass 04 Sep 2013

A data correction was made to a  table by creating a  _new copy OF the original, Inserting the corrected data,  
then renaming the original to _old and renaming the _new to the current name.
We do this procedure anytime a data correction is made.
I'm having failures on datamover in the DDL compare step.

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Show column name for which I have Numeric Overflow Topic by dimitris1ps 17 Apr 2015 numeric overflow

I am creating a table with a lot on columns, and i get the Numeric Overflow error. Is it possible to see for which column i have this error. I do not want to cast everything in there.
Thank you.

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Teradata Express bteq logon issue Topic by purnacc 04 Jan 2012 td express bteq logon

I am playing with Teradata Express for VMware Player and unable to connect to db using bteq


  1. logon dbc/dbc
  2. dbc

****warning: you must logon before sending dbc/sql requres.

Thanks for your hlep.



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Formatting decimal fields while exporting Topic by Chaitali 14 Jul 2009

Hi,I have a field in my table of data type decimal(7,4). While exporting to a file I want to format it in such a way that the output is : input output------ ----------0.0000 .00.0320 .0320.6654 .66540.1000 .199.5670 99.567I have tried removing the extra zeroes by using trim(trim(both '0' from fld)). But this results in getting the value 0.0000 as '.'. I have also tried converting the decimal part as integer and appending with '.'.This gives me the result but I want to know if any formatting can do it in an easy way.Any sort of help on this is appreciated!Thanks in Advance,Chaitali

11 replies, 6 years ago
Pass Through in SAS Topic by Oblak 23 Oct 2007

Anybody who knows how to do a pass through statement from SAS to Teradata?

3 replies, 6 years ago
Hoe to check which user had deleted data Topic by r04R04 16 Sep 2009

data in Teredata table has been deleted manually (Not through Informatica Workflows) is there any way to find when and who did the last delete action on that particular table from DBC database in teradata.Any Information on this willl be really helpfull

3 replies, 6 years ago
CAST of CHAR to DECIMAL Topic by YIAPIPI 21 Jan 2015

hi All,
i'm experiencing  a trouble executing the following cast code in TERADATA 14....
-- case
-- when GRR_SU_BMRC <> GRR_SU_Anagr then 'OK'
-- else 'KO'
-- end GRR_FLAG

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BACKUP TABLE Topic by belladikto 17 Dec 2014

friends, the following error when trying to support me appears tables:


12/17/2014 22:28:27  *** Warning ARC1016:Table "stg_emp_emp_E1" : in the process 

                     of getting Fast/Multi Loaded.

12/17/2014 22:28:27  TABLE "stg_emp_emp_E1" - ABORTED PREMATURELY

12/17/2014 22:28:27  

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Download DataMover 15.00. Topic by elenablack 11 Dec 2014 download, data mover, datamover

hello, i've been searching for the download for datamover version 15.00 (latest version) for Linux and cannot find it. where can i download it from?
thank you!

1 reply, 6 years ago
How we can use timestamp with timezone in teradata(Eqv to from_tz in oracle) Topic by Umesh Bansal 15 Feb 2008

Hi,FROM_TZ function in Oracle converts a TIMESTAMP value (given a TIME ZONE) to a TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE value.In oracle select from_tz(TIMESTAMP '2008-02-15 01:50:42', '-7:00')from dual;will return 15-FEB-08 01:50:42.000000000 AM GMT -07.00I want to achieve same in TD. I have tried following in TDselect cast('2005-09-11 13:20:53'||'+03:00' as timestamp with time zone format 'YYYY-MM-DDBHH:MI:SSDS(F)Z')2005-09-11 13:20:53.000000+03:00But i want same like in oracle.Any suggestion will welcome.Umesh

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[Performance] how to avoid parsing time when executing macro via JDBC Topic by dwillier 22 Oct 2014 optimization;performance;jdbc;macro

I m working a high response time need application connected to Teradata via JDBC. The app is executing macro via PreparedStatement in Java.
We run some load tests. We execute 500 times the same macro call with random parameters values via a PreparedStatement.
When analyzing response time in the database log, we can see that :

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Query Tuning Topic by Manpreet Singh Sudan 20 Dec 2011


Can u plse. help me with basic Query tuning Steps..I have been provided with 2 queries and need to improve the performance of the Queries..

I have collected stats on all base tables,  reviewed the Query for cross joins.

What all steps can I further work on to make it run at faster rate..


Any basic guidelines will be appreciated.


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Problem Using UPSERT Topic by Shehroz 04 Mar 2009

Hi,While trying to use UPSERT i am getting the following error" The UPDATE specified in UPSERT statement is a complex statment".below is the query that i am using. Please help me out if i am missing something here.update T1from T2 bset last_dt = b.last_dtwhere T1.msisdn = b.msisdnelseinsert into tp_tmp.sa_telenor_mshare_backupvalues ( T2.msisdn, T2.oper_cd, T2.outg, T2.incom, T2.fst_dt, T2.last_dt, T2.second_last_dt, T2.third_last_dt)Regards,Shehroz Aftab

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Data Mover Event Logging Topic by andybaker 04 Aug 2014 data mover, Event, unity

According to the manual Teradata Unity Data Mover - User Guide 14.10  (B035-4101-053K July 2013) p67
one can configure data mover to log events to an event table as well as to UEM
  What is the structure (Show table) of this table?

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