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10 Mar 2016
ecosystem explorer jobname not matching what is in the events

We recently upgraded to ESM from TMSM in our dev / test environment.  It looks like the 'job' in the ESM explorer corresponds with the resourceid and not the JobName.  For example, an application "general ledger" (gl-prod) runs a data load that has multiple jobs.  The very first 'load' step has a job name like 'glload'.  Subsequent jobnames for the 'gl-prod' resourceid / applicationid, are like 'gldaily', 'glbudget' etc.  When I view the "jobs" tab in the ecosystem explorer, the only value is the 'gl-prod' as if this is coming from the resourceid.  These jobs all share the same uowid.  The events contain the actual jobname in the jobname argument.  How can I see the actual jobname and not the resourceid in the 'Job" area?  It is not on the list of configurable columns at that level.  JobStep now contains the -j  (jobname) argument and there is a new 'sub-step' that contains the --js job step argument. As it is, I have to click each entry to get to the details view to see if this is the "gldaily", 'glbudget', or other jobname. 
I have many other questions about this portlet, I will post each question separately if I don't find the answer.

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